Update: In 2022,  Gault was living with a family in Rugby in Warwickshire. He died in 2022. 


Child sex beast gets five years

A pervert that preyed on little girls was jailed for five years after a senior judge warned the courts will act to protect children from sexual abuse

James Gault, 39 was described as a prisoner in Glasgows Barlinnie prison, but lived in Knightswood, Glasgow before his bail was withdrawn.

Gault, a glazier, originally admitted two charges of lewd, indecent and libidinous practices and behaviour against two five-year-old girls.

But the Sheriff sent him to the High Court for sentence because he felt the maximum sentence he could impose – three years imprisonment – was inadequate

The Lord Justice Clerk, Lord Ross, told him at the high court in Edinburgh: “As far as I am concerned, children must be protected by the court a d that must be the prinicple consideration before me

“No one can tell what the long term effect may be on these children”

The judge added that Gault’s position was made more serious by the fact that he had two previous convictions for sexual offences

In the present case, one of the girls complained to her mother after Gault had exposed himself to her

The other young girl then broke down and explained the abuse she had also suffered at the hands of Gault