Linden Bank bail hostel

PARENTS gathered outside a bail hostel to demand sex offenders be kicked out of their village. Families, in Elworth, have long campaigned against Linden Bank bail hostel, which overlooks a nearby children’s playground.


They say they are too frightened to allow children to play there while paedophiles continue to be housed at the hostel. Over the weekend around 20 parents waved banners and placards to demand Cheshire Probation Service stops housing sex offenders at the unit.

Campaigner Janet Rathbone, aged 60, of Townfields, formed action group Time2go in 2006, after it was confirmed sex offenders were being brought to the bail hostel.

Linden Bank bail hostel overlooks childrens playground and is situated within a housing estate !

The grandmother, who was herself abused as a child and narrowly escaped the clutches of serial killer Fred West, said: “I wasn’t happy when the bail hostel was opened, but when I found out there would be sex offenders, I felt sick.


The childrens park directly opposite the hostel

“Offenders deserve a second chance, but not sex offenders. We want them to stop putting sex offenders here.

“I know what it is like to go through that sort of abuse – survivors we call ourselves. You feel disgusting, you feel like it’s your fault and it takes a long time to get over anything like that.

park opposite

“That’s why I want to protect our children, I don’t want anyone else going through that.” This weekend’s protest was the latest in a long series against Linden Bank. Protesters say they will not give up until guarantees are made that sex offenders will not be housed in the building.

Some of the dangerous offenders who have stayed or are staying there: Click each name for full profile

September 2013 – Ronald Anderson

ron (2)

Paedophile goes on the run from Linden bank. Ronald Anderson, 53, was released on licence in May this year after being jailed for a minimum of 60 months in 2008 for sexual offences against children.

In 2008 he had admitted 22 charges of sexually assaulting children, including two attempted rapes of a 10-year-old girl. He was jailed for 10 years and told by the judge “he may never be released”. In total he was found guilty of horrendous sex acts on at least 13 children 

May 2012 – TWO sex offenders who lured schoolgirls on to a deserted railway line before trying to engage them in sexual acts met and became friends in a controversial Sandbach bail hostel. Simon Bodily, 21 was sentenced to 32 months behind bars and Timothy Read, 20, to nine months in a Young Offenders Institute. The two befriended a group of schoolgirls at Sandbach Railway Station and showing them indecent pictures before luring them to a secluded spot and attempting to get them to perform sexual acts.

Oct 2008 – A PAEDOPHILE who secretly stashed indecent images of children on his computer was spared jail – when a judge ruled that prison ‘would not help him control his urges’. Thirty-year-old Christopher Penman, formerly of Avondale Drive, Widnes, was found to have 41 indecent images of children on his home computer, only seven years after he was disgracefully discharged from the armed forces for taking indecent photographs of under 18s. Judge Woodward ruled that Penman must attend a sex offenders’ programme and continue to be supervised at Linden Bank bail hostel for the next three years.


October 2008 – A PAEDOPHILE who swapped hundreds of indecent images of young girls online walked free from court on Friday – to the disgust of family members who reported him to the police. Kieran Boyd, aged 24, (pic above) of Parr Street, in Howley, admitted exchanging pictures of girls as young as five on Internet chatrooms. He will attend a sexual offending group work programme and live at Linden Bank, in Sandbach

April 2012 – A PAEDOPHILE who targeted young girls at railway stations including Sandbach has been jailed for three years. Homeless Kim Rampley, a former resident of Linden Bank Bail Hostel in Sandbach, hung around bus stops and train stations and attempted to engage teenage girls in sexually explicit conversations.

Michael Tierney,

April 2010 – A CONVICTED paedophile Michael Tierney (pic above) who raped a schoolgirl and molested a 15-year-old boy is living in a Sandbach bail hostel next to a children’s park. He committed the offence just a year after being freed from a 15-year sentence for the rape, indecent assault and gross indecency of a girl over a nine-year-period beginning when she was just six years old.


Febuary 2011 – A SEX beast has been caged after admitting abusing two girls in Runcorn. Neil Young, aged 35, (pictured above) of Green Bridge Close, Castlefields, was pleaded guilty to eight counts of sexual assault against children. He was jailed for four years at Warrington Crown Court on Friday, and ordered to sign the sex offenders register for life. Young abused two girls, aged 10 and 12, over a two year period at three addresses in Runcorn.

Update November 2012: Young has been released from prison and is staying at Linden bank bail hostel

August 2008 – A MAN in his late 20s exposed himself to girls as young as 14 telling a group of them: ‘I bet you like this, don’t you?’ Stuart Daley, aged 28, also targeted adult women in the flashings. Daley, who is living at Linden Bank Hostel in Sandbach, was caught after he exposed himself to three 14-year-old girls in an alleyway off Marsh House Lane, Orford

Campaigner Janet Rathbone (pic below)