October 2023

Ramsgate sex offender shared court selfies after being spared prison for molesting teenage boy

A convicted sex offender posted selfies taken at court on social media shortly after being spared jail for molesting a teenage boy

On being handed a suspended sentence, Charlie Steine was told by the judge he should “reflect on and be grateful for” the forgiveness shown to him by his victim and his mother.

But within hours he had updated his Facebook profile picture to show him posing outside Canterbury Crown Court, captioning the image with a laughing emoji and saying: “Crown court for the 7th time this year.”

The 23-year-old also shared selfies he had taken inside the building – itself a criminal offence of contempt

Steine was at the court to be sentenced having earlier pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a boy in Ramsgate.

Appearing there last Friday, Judge Mark Weekes remarked the victim and his parent had shown “considerable understanding and insight” into the defendant’s behaviour on June 25 last year.

Prosecutor Suzanne Fewins said the youth was in Ramsgate when Steine, who the teen had previously seen begging, asked for 20p before questioning the boy about his sexuality and asking him to rate his appearance.

“The victim felt uncomfortable but, not wanting to be rude, responded “Six out of 10″,” she told the court. “The defendant then asked for a hug. He then hugged the victim, moested him and started kissing his neck.

“The victim said he was frozen and didn’t know what to do so stood still. The defendant let go and asked him to kiss him back. The victim said “No” and started to walk away.”

However, Steine followed and tried to give him his Snapchat details.

“The victim said he felt really worried, wanted to get home, and kept shouting “no” in the defendant’s direction,” added Ms Fewins

The incident was reported to police and Steine, having been identified from CCTV footage, was arrested 11 days later at his grandmother’s home.

When interviewed, he said he could not remember where he had been that day and “would not have kissed the boy and was not gay”, said Ms Fewins.

However, Steine, who has seven previous convictions for 42 offences but none of a sexual nature, later pleaded guilty on the first day of trial in July.

Steine was handed an 18-month jail term suspended for two years, with 20 rehabilitation activity sessions and a 12-month drug rehabilitation requirement. He must also sign on the sex offender register for 10 years.

He thanked the judge as he left court, before later sharing the selfies taken inside and outside the building.

In a post that morning he had told his Facebook friends he was due at crown court, and when one asked why he replied: “For having to say guilty for something I was innocent of, how crumbled the system is.”

After the sentencing hearing he wrote that he had once been a “very bad naughty druggy boy”, but was now “such a different person”.

Days before he had posted a video he had sent to someone in an effort to engage them in a fight, shouting in the footage: “Come here now and scrap me d***head.”