‘List 99’

Information held under Section 142 of the Education Act 2002

In the United Kingdom information held under Section 142 of the Education Act 2002 (formerly known as List 99) was not primarily concerned with child protection, but section 142 allows the Secretary of State to prohibit certain persons from working in schools. Section 143 prohibits a person from arranging to hire any other person who is subject to a direction under section 142 to work in a school.

List 99 was for 80 years a controversial secret register of people barred from working with children by the Department of Education and Skills (DfES). The list contained the names, aliases, dates of birth and national insurance numbers of those people deemed not suitable to work with children in schools, social work and voluntary settings.

Adults convicted of serious sexual offences committed against children under the age of 16 since 1995 were automatically placed on List 99, additional reasons for inclusion were sexual or violent behaviour towards children, abuses of trust, drug offences, any violent crime, stealing school property and deception in job applications. Medical conditions such as drug or alcohol abuse and mental illness were grounds for exclusion

From January 2009 referrals for children’s social care and health staff under the Protection of Children Act, adult social care staff under the Protection of Vulnerable Adults scheme, and education workers through List 99 will be handled by the Independent Safeguarding Authority.