The Front Page Story Agency

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All of the administrators that work for are survivors of child sex abuse. 

We understand some of the hell and horrors that you may have suffered, the silence, the guilt, the shame, the secrets, the nightmares and the fallout from revelations to the police and family members.

Sara, at The Front Page Story Agency has helped several of our members on their journey of healing by giving them a voice and letting them tell their stories to the public. This isn’t for everyone, but for some it is the start of a healing process that enables victims to break free from the terrible secrets that have darkened their lives.

We have seen thousands of victims through their very tough journeys over the years and it’s wonderful to have Sara on board to help them strive to become true survivors and thrive in their futures.

We can honestly say that Sara is a true professional who works with a sensitive nature to the subject matter; we give this testimonial on behalf of all the members of the database who have used her services and written to us to say Thank You for putting them in touch with such a caring professional lady.

If you would like to speak to Sara, please click the link below to contact her directly.