Her Majesty’s Prison Wakefield

Her Majesty’s Prison Wakefield is a Category A men’s prison, located in WakefieldWest YorkshireEngland. The prison is operated by Her Majesty’s Prison Service, and is the largest maximum security prison in the United Kingdom (and western Europe). The prison has been nicknamed the “Monster Mansion” due to the large number of high-profile, high-risk sex offenders incarcerated there


Wakefield Prison holds approximately 700 of Britain’s most dangerous men (mainly sex offenders and prisoners serving life sentences for violent crimes against women and children). Including approximately 100 Category A and 10 High Risk Category A prisoners. Accommodation at the prison comprises single occupancy cells with integral sanitation. All residential units have kitchens available for offenders to prepare their own meals. An Incentives and Earned Privileges system allows standard and enhanced offenders the opportunity of in-cell TV. All offenders are subject to mandatory drugs testing and there are voluntary testing arrangements, which are compulsory for all offenders employed as e.g. wing cleaners or kitchen workers.

Defined as a Category A prison, every move within the prison is monitored. The single-occupancy cell consists of a basic, single metal-framed bed, a wooden table with a laminate blue top and chair, two cupboards, a small anti self-harm mirror as well as a stainless steel basin and toilet and a 14in television.

HMP Wakefield offers a range of activities for inmates, including charity work, an accredited course in industrial cleaning, and a Braille shop where offenders convert books to Braille. The Education Department is operated by The Manchester College, and offers learning opportunities ranging from basic skills to Open University courses. Other facilities include a prison shop, gym, and multi-faith chaplaincy.


Cooking facilities
Fridge – Freezer
Hobbies kits
In-cell power
Own bedding (Quilt cover – Enhanced only)
Own clothes (not Basic)
Pets (if in possession)
Playstation (Enhanced only)
Television (£1 per week)

Wakefield prison, UK

Attacks on offenders at Wakefield on those who have been sentenced for child abuse cases are frequent

Notorious child killer Roy Whiting was stabbed in the eye in his prison cell by a double murderer because he was a ‘dirty little nonce’.

Baby P’s stepfather compensation bid over ‘napalm’ prison attack

Huntley’s throat slashed in jail

Some of the current inmates

  • Steven Barker Baby Peter

  • Mark Bridger – Sentenced to “life means life life” for abducting and killing 5 year old April Jones

  • Levi Bellfield Child killer/Serial killer

  • David Bieber Murdered two police officers

  • Russell Bishop  child molester and abductor/Possible child killer

  • Robert Black Serial child killer – At least 4 murders

  • Charles Bronson  “most violent prisoner in Britain”

  • Sidney Cooke  child molester and child killer

  • Stephen Griffiths The Crossbow Cannibal (serial killer)

  • Mark Hobson spree killer who killed four people

  • Antoni Imiela M25 rapist: British rapist and paedophile. He was found guilty of the rape of nine women and girls

  • Momcilo Krajisnik  Bosnian Serb former politician convicted of murder

  • Radislav Krstic  War crimes: commander of massacre of around 8,000

  • Carl Manning Murdered and tortured eight-year-old girl Victoria Climbié

  • Robert Maudsley  Nicknamed “Hannibal the Cannibal”  serial killer:  committed three murders in prison after receiving a life sentence for a single murder

  • Michael Sams  English rapistkidnapperextortionist and murderer

  • Roy Whiting  child killer and child molester

  • David Harker Partially ate a mum-of-four after killing her in 1998 – her limbs and head were never found

  • Viktors Dembovskis  raped and murdered schoolgirl, 17, shortly after entering the UK