Judge Martin Joy – Maidstone Crown Court

Judge Martin Joy sits at Maidstone Crown Court


Here is Judge Martin Joy. He is a judge who seems to think that the abuse of children is not a serious enough crime to warrant a custodial sentence. He fails to understand the long lasting impact these evil offences have on the young and vulnerable child survivors. The sentences are quite simply a insult to the victims involved.

Judge Martin Joy you are hereby NAMED AND SHAMED !

Judge Martin Joy, who sits at Maidstone Crown Court, was the only judge last year to see three of his decisions challenged by the government’s senior law officer, although two other judges had two referrals apiece.

Judge Joy’s sentences increased on appeal included a case involving multiple child rapes and sexual assaults, which was increased from 10 years to a stricter term with a minimum of seven years.

Another of his cases – raised from 10 to 15 years – featuring multiple rape and sex assault charges, and the third involved a drug dealer whose term was increased from three and a half to six years

Below are some examples and quotes of some of his more questionable judgements 

Jan 2012: Girl, six, left alone for FIVE days. The six-year-old was sobbing hysterically and shaking after being left to fend for herself at her home in Willow Road, Dartford, a court heard. Natalie Terry’s daughter survived in the cold flat in winter by eating crisps, drinking water and watching television. Terry admitted child cruelty and was jailed for just 18 months by judge Joy

March 2011: A pervert teacher who admitted three charges of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity walked free from court. 33 year old Adrian Moran was given JUST a 12 month suspended sentence and judge Joy also imposed supervision but added it was not an appropriate case for a sexual offences prevention order

June 2013: A predatory paedophile and a former Cub Scout master shared sickening images of child abuse. David Hopkins had a history of abusing and was jailed for 10 years in 2003 for 25 sexual offences against young boys. James Peck also had a history of offending and was once convicted of using public library computers to set up a child abuse images website. 

They both were caught with disgusting indecent images of children. They featured a boy as young as three, pre-pubescent boys performing various sex acts and a teenage boy being abused by a male adult. Peck, who also admitted two offences of fraud in April last year, was jailed for a total of 21 months. Hopkins was given Just eight months behind bars suspended for two years

May 2010: A pervert caught with child sex abuse images and bestiality movies has escaped a jail sentence. Daniel Millward walked free from court with a community order and supervision for three years. The judge was Joy again

July 2012: A car salesman who claimed he downloaded thousands of indecent images of children at work as a money-making enterprise has escaped a jail sentence. Luke Kirby walked free after judge Joy said there were many aspects of the case that took it out of the “norm”. He downloaded around 4,400 images and about 18 video clips at various levels

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