September 2023

Teen sex pest sent intimate videos to young girl

A teenage sex pest was “bang out of order” when he sent “wholly inappropriate” intimate videos of himself to a young girl as well as highly “sexualised” messages that left her father sickened and shocked.

The girl’s father discovered the disgusting videos and a whole host of messages after carrying out routine checks of his daughter’s phone to make sure that she was not being put at risk. He alerted the police, who found that Dillon North had seemingly been in contact with his daughter for weeks, Hull Crown Court heard

North, 19, of Petersfield Close, Bransholme, Hull, admitted engaging in sexual communication with a child between February 13 and 28 last year. Jazmine Lee, prosecuting, said that the teenage girl’s father regularly checked her phone to make sure that she was safe while using it.

On February 27 last year, he discovered a series of conversations between his daughter and North. The chats were almost all on Snapchat and they included images and videos. He took screenshots and recorded the videos. “He reported that to the police,” said Miss Lee.

The girl later told police that she was in contact with North most days and that he had asked how old she was. She told him her age, which was under 16, and he gave his age.

“They continued to have conversations,” said Miss Lee. “At first, they would send pictures of just their faces and the food they were eating but she later shared a video of herself in her underwear sitting on a bed.”

She sent that video in response to him sending one of him committing a sex act. He used explicit language in the video. “She did not send any other videos of that nature,” said Miss Lee.

North sent several more videos of him involved in sexual behaviour and using explicit words. “He asked her on three occasions to meet with him,” said Miss Lee. “She said ‘No’ because of her age and he accepted that.”

The girl claimed that the contact between them was for a few weeks but North insisted that it was for only a few days. He made no comment during police interview.

Judge Mark Bury said that the way that North spoke to the girl was “bang out of order” and he needed to understand that this was not the way to behave to females. “If you are caught again, you will go to prison,” said Judge Bury.

“You got into a situation where you were sending sexualised texts which were totally inappropriate. They were inappropriate regarding how old she was.”

The videos that North sent were “wholly inappropriate” but the girl had the “good sense” not to meet North when he asked her to do so. “It must be understood that offending like this does cause distress,” said Judge Bury.

“It has affected her. If there was any repetition of this behaviour, a judge would send you to prison.” North was given 30 days’ rehabilitation as part of a two-year community order. He must register as a sex offender for five years.