Sheriff Alastair Brown – Lenient judges

Sheriff Alastair Brown – Dundee Sheriff Court

Here is Sheriff Alastair Brown. He is a judge who seems to think that the abuse of children is not a serious enough crime to warrant a custodial sentence. he fails to understand the long lasting impact these evil offences have on the young and vulnerable child survivors. The sentences are quite simply a insult to the victims involved.

Sheriff Alastair Brown, you are hereby NAMED AND SHAMED !

Below are some examples and quotes of some of his more questionable judgements 

June 2017: Convicted flasher who went on to be caught with a horror child abuse video has been spared jail – because “there’s no indication he’s actually a threat to anybody”.

Allen Smith was convicted of indecently exposing himself to a 12-year-old in 1998. In 2016, he was caught with a child abuse video involving a 10-year-old girl and ranked at the highest level of severity. He also admitted carrying out a series of online searches for other child abuse images.

But he avoided jail after sheriff Alastair Brown told him it appeared his offending was “de-escalating” rather than him posing a greater threat. He imposed a community payback order with 120 hours unpaid work

May 2017: Trevor Francis MBE physically and sexually attacked and sexually abused several young children at a notorious care home. Sheriff Alastair Brown handed him just 9 months in prison

May 2018: Corey Urquhart groomed and then raped a 10-year-old girl. Denied the offences so victim had to give evidence. DNA from the girl was later found on his underwear, linking him to the crime. Sheriff Alastair Brown jailed him for just 3 years

January 2015: Former head of computing at Arbroath Academy Roger Moult avoided jail for possession of tens of thousands of indecent images. Sheriff Alastair Brown judged the 22,492 indecent images of children and images involving adults and animals were not severe enough to warrant a custodial term. Moult received a three-year community payback order under supervision

January 2018: Ross Jameson, 35, groomed two underage girls, sending them explicit messages and having explicit conversations via their mobile phones. Also caught with indecent images of children. Jameson told one girl he could make money by selling photos of her in her underwear. Sheriff Alastair Brown gives him 18 months

May 2017: Company manager John Spink’s computer contained 20,000 child abuse images as well as more than 100 videos of children being abused. Sheriff Alastair Brown imposed a community payback order with two years supervision

December 2017: Michael Hill researched child sexual abuse images laws and online encryption before downloading a cache of almost 15,000 sick abuse pictures of kids. Sheriff Alastair Brown imposed a community payback order with three years supervision, 160 hours unpaid work

February 2018: Soldier Fraser Waddell downloaded a stash of child abuse images at his military base – then threatened to kill cops who seized his computer equipment – was spared prison by Sheriff Alastair Brown who imposed a community payback order with 150 hours unpaid work

July 2018: David Middlefell-Williams was jailed for just four months after admitting downloading and sharing more than 5,500 images of children being abused and raped. More than 1,100 of the images were deemed category A – pictures showing the most serious type of abuse. Sheriff Alastair Brown handed out the pathetic sentence

February 2019: Brian Jacobi pleaded guilty on indictment to taking or making indecent images of children. Sheriff Alastair Brown imposed a community payback order with 225 hours unpaid work, three years supervision

April 2018: Gary Brown admitted downloading, possessing and distributing indecent images of children to other paedophiles. Brown also admitted possessing an “extreme porn” video. Sheriff Alastair Brown imposed a community payback order with three years’ supervision

January 2017: Medical student James Cottrill had his flat raided in an FBI crackdown on a malicious computer programme – only for cops to instead find he had a stash of child sexual abuse images and videos. Sheriff Alastair Brown imposed a community payback order