Taxpayers paid for over 100 paedos

Taxpayers paid for over 100 paedos to learn how to stop abusing kids – but nearly a third went onto reoffend

British taxpayers forked out for dozens of paedophiles to learn how to stop being sex pests.

But nearly a third of them went on to commit more sick acts anyway.

Between 2015 and 2018 the Ministry of Justice paid for 112 locked up perverts to take classes in treating women with respect and not having sexual thoughts about kids.

The Healthy Sex Programme was run as a trial across 13 prisons.

Half the participants were deemed high or very high risk sex pests, with the remainder being medium or low.

But all had some form of sick sexual desire, including for babies and animals.

After taking part in the lessons and being released from jail, 30 per cent went on to get some form of post-release reprimand.

Around 7 per cent were reconvicted for sexual offences, while 20 per cent breached their conditions of release by looking at indecent images/vidoes or accessing or contacting children.

A further 3 per cent were convicted for other offences.

An official government review of the programme found it made no or little difference to the sick men’s behaviour or mindset