Judge David Griffith-Jones QC

Here is Judge David Griffith-Jones QC. He is a judge who seems to think that the abuse of children is not a serious enough crime to warrant a custodial sentence. He fails to understand the long lasting impact these evil offences have on the young and vulnerable child survivors. The sentences are quite simply a insult to the victims involved.

Judge David Griffith-Jones QC you are hereby NAMED AND SHAMED !

Judge David Griffith-Jones QC

Below are some examples and quotes of some of his more questionable judgements. By clicking the red link, you will be taken to the full profile on each case

September 2013: A Tunbridge Wells paedophile has been spared jail after admitting four offences against a 13-year-old girl

David King, who admitted two offences of sexual activity with a child and two of possession of indecent photographs of her, had groomed the girl beforehand.

Rather than jail him though Judge David Griffith-Jones QC said : “It seems to me it is in the interests of the public that you receive intervention to address the distortion in your thinking. This will best be achieved by a suspended sentence”

November 2012: A woman was jailed for just 20 months for abusing three young boys in her care, beating them with bamboo sticks and forcing the youngest to brush his teeth with dog excrement.

Stephanie Chibnall, 45, had been looking after the brothers, aged nine, ten and 13, since 2008. She regularly beat the brothers with her fists, sticks and an electric fly swatter – leaving them covered in severe cuts and bruises – Chibnall would be released after just 10 months

March 2013: An amateur weatherman who exposed himself to two teenage girls as they walked to school has avoided being sent to prison

Shaun Maltby, 29,of Carnation Road, Strood, was handed a suspended jail term, despite having two previous convictions for exposure.