UK Underworld used ‘Paedo Info’ to bribe judges – new claim

Some major players in the UK underworld had access to a dossier on paedophile and rent boy rings, operating at the heart of the justice system involving judges and barristers at the highest level, an associate of the criminal fraternity has said


The Scottish security expert claimed that key underworld players used the dossiers and information to bribe their way to acquittals and other advantageous results. The source, who has asked to remain anonymous for safety reasons.

The revelations follow suggestions that a major dossier in Scotland found by a senior officer in the early 1980’s was quashed and all inquiries mothballed despite compromising material and evidence relating to the senior figures in the Judiciary north and south of the Scottish border.

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The man who is willing to speak to the new inquiry, announced by the UK Home Secretary, into the ways institutions including the Police dealt with child sexual alleges that the underworld used the dossier to secure acquittals according to the source.

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There is no independent verification of the claims but a retired Policeman living abroad who came across the original stash of documents in a raid in Scotland remains the key link that the judicial inquiry would wish to contact if it is to get to the bottom of these sensational claims.

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The scandal of high level child abusers has been the stuff of conspiracy theorists for decades online but now that one part of their claims  involving Savile and others in the entertainment industry have proven correct, then no conspiracy claim can be laid to rest on the basis of incredulity.

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Already it is accepted that the Paedophile PR group, the Paedophile Information Exchange had an office address at the Home Office in the 70’s and 80’s and likely was funded to the tune of half a million pounds – a huge sum in those days.

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Where else is there to go, people following this scandal are asking.

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The scandal grows day by day with allegations of Customs and Excise refusing to act on a pornography tape which it is claimed they received decades ago which featured, it is alleged,  a former senior Minister of the Crown in the company of a child involved in a sexual act

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Other allegations suggests that 12 men have made allegations against an elderly politician who now has dementia and as a result will not face Police inquiries.

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There is much worse to come, insiders claims, and the ramifications of the allegations about MP’s expenses and indeed, the hacking scandal are likely to dwarf those in terms of explosive fall out. 

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UK ex-Minister supported ‘Paedo’ child fostering application as sex abuse inquiry engulfs Westminister’s bubble


A former UK Minister, recommended that a convicted paedophile be allowed to foster children it has been alleged, as the child sex abuse scandal gets closer to the seat of Power at Westminster.

The high profile ex-minister recommended that a convicted paedophile be allowed to foster two children and voiced objections when a London Borough refused him permission.

The ex-Minister is now a suspect in separate child abuse investigations and is believed to have been interviewed by London Detectives, investigating historical child sex abuse allegations in the 70’s and 80’s but his name has not been released by the London Metropolitan Police.

In a saga reminicent of Rolf Harris, when he was arrested on abuse charges but his name was not released for several months, the release of this ex-minister’s name will shock the political establishment in the UK to the core.

“The UK is fast facing its Belgium moment”, one Met insider said, referring to the links between Paedophile rings and political circles which has scandalized that country for nearly two decades.

The sheer number of child victims and the suspected involvement of senior government ministers over the decades in the abuse means that it could even dwarf ‘Watergate’ in terms of modern political scandals.

It is understood that an investigation involving the ex-minister was mothballed over 15 years ago and the Police officer leading the case, was sidelined and then disciplined as a result of his inquiries.

The file in relation to that case has now disappeared but new victims are coming forward all the time and the weight of public opinion after the convictions of Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile mean that powerful paedophile do not have the protection they once had.

Many of the officers who were involved at a senior level in those original investigations are now senior officers in other UK forces and will be called to account over their previous failures to investigate the allegations.

The fallout from this new investigation and growing row, took on its first scalp as Baroness Butler-Sloss who was due to commence an inquiry into these wider allegations resigned because of links to her late brother who was Attorney General and who himself had come under attack for an alleged cover up of sexual abuse crimes in high society, as a member of the Thatcher Government

The resignations come after a former conservative party figure says that he gave Margaret Thatcher a dossier about senior ministers’ involvement in a child sex ring.

Anthony Giberthorpe, said that he supplied boys to drug fuelled parties for politicians as a young Tory hopeful but others have discredited his claims.

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The allegations are mounting and the reverberations around the Westminster Village are making some very senior civil servants and political figures, very nervous indeed.