Kevin Hicks – Addiscombe/Croydon – 1986

Kevin Hicks – Addiscombe/Croydon – Missing since 1986

On March 2nd, 1986 Kevin Hicks had sat down to have lunch with his family, even helping his dad wash up afterwards, at their home in Sissinghurst Road, Addiscombe, Croydon

At approx 8.40pm, Kevin Hicks, aged 16, told his mother he needed some eggs for a GCSE Home Economics exam he had the next day and left his house to go to Lower Addiscombe Road’s Sperrings community shop but he was never seen again. Kevin took less than £1 with him and did not even take the house keys. Kevin was wearing a  Lacoste bomber jacket (white at the bottom, black line around chest and red at the top), dark blue jeans and white Hi-tec trainers

That night the atmosphere in the family home was “happy”. His destination was the Sperrings shop in Lower Addiscombe Road which was literally just 350 yds away.

The picture below is the route Kevin would/may of taken that night – starting from his family home in Sissinghurst Road, down Blackhorse Lane, crossing over the road and to the Sperrings shop which was on the corner of Fernhurst Road. (Sperrings shop is currently a children’s activity play centre)

He never came home and his disappearance left his family baffled. His parents Terry and Derek have since died, but his sister Alex says she will never give up hope that she will one day be reunited again with her big brother.

In the weeks to come, finger-tip searches were carried out at nearby parks, railway stations and Shirley Hills but not a trace of Kevin was found.

A police investigation, door-to-door enquiries and an appeal on Crimewatch failed to generate any solid leads leaving his family clueless as to what had happened to him. CCTV from the shop was not working and staff could not remember seeing Kevin.

Kevin, who would now be 42, was a happy teenager with no problems at school. He had applied for jobs which he was offered interviews for after he had gone missing.

The age progression picture above shows what Kevin may look like now !

Anyone with any information about Kevin can call the National Missing Persons Helpline on Freephone 0500 700 700.