Sir Peter Hayman – High level member and activist of P.I.E

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Sir Peter Hayman was a British diplomat. He was British high commissioner in Canada from 1970-74. Knighted in 1971. Previously he was director general of British Information Services in New York 1961-64 and deputy commandant of the British military government in West Berlin 1964-66 and High level member and activist of the paedophile information exchange – Click this link for more on P.I.E and its members

In 1978 a packet containing obscene literature and written material was found on a bus. The subsequent police investigation revealed a correspondence of an obscene nature between Sir Peter Hayman and number of other persons. The papers involved an obsession about the systematic killing by sexual torture of young people and children.

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Diplomat Sir Peter Hayman, a decorated diplomat who lived a secret life as a paedophile, was named by MP Geoffrey Dickens in 1981 using Parliamentary privilege.

The new document, revealed today by Sky News, was written about the same period. 

Hayman was member ‘330’ of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which supported and encouraged illegal sexual relationships between adults and children.

He rented a flat at 95 Linden Gardens, Notting Hill Gate, London under the name of Peter Henderson to store PIE literature and graphic correspondence with fellow paedophiles.

But Sir Peter made a mistake and left a packet of paedophile material in an envelope on a London bus. 

It was addressed to Mr Henderson at Linden Gardens in Notting Hill.Soon afterwards, in November 1978, police raided the Linden Gardens flat.

What they found there was a huge trove of paedophilia and other extreme pornography.

Among it was a library of 45 substantial diaries in which Sir Peter had recorded in detail his sexual experiences and fantasies, the latter including sex with minors. 

Even the hardened police of the Obscene Publications Squad were ‘revolted’ by the Linden Gardens haul.

He sobbed as he was interviewed and feared he would be exposed and his reputation ruined. And yet he wasn’t. 

Much to the anger and disbelief of the Obscene Publications Squad he was only given a caution.  He died in 1992 aged 77.

Geoffrey Dickens also said that an unnamed senior civil servant was helping to run a paedophile ring from Whitehall.

The MP claimed the man had at least 57 obscene slides of men having sex with children.

He said at the time: ‘I’m concerned about the cover-up of a senior civil servant who is a paedophile and wants sex with children legalised. He is a security risk’.



Secret ‘Unnatural Sex’ File Names Top Diplomat

A top British diplomat was the focus of a secret government file about his “unnatural” sexual behaviour, Sky News can reveal.

The file, which has just been released to the National Archives, names the late Sir Peter Hayman as the subject of the file prepared for then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

It has now been transferred to the archives in Kew, south west London, under the title “PREM 19/588 SECURITY. Sir Peter Hayman: allegations against former public official of unnatural sexual proclivities; security aspects”.

Sir Peter died in 1992 but during his career worked as a diplomat including as High Commissioner to Canada. He also worked for intelligence service MI6.

He was named as an abuser of children by the MP Geoffrey Dickens in the 1980s and also had links to the controversial Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE).

The file has been retained on grounds of national security and held by officials at the Cabinet Office, the department responsible for the smooth running of government.


Another cover up?

A very dubious and defensive reply from the The Attorney-General when asked by the MP of Huddersfield in April 1981 whether the Director of Public Prosecutions gave special treatment to Sir Peter Hayman by taking steps to prevent his indentity being revealed in court.

Attorney-Generals reply : 

No special treatment was afforded to Sir Peter Hayman and no steps were authorised or taken to protect his identity in evidence given to the court during the trial of O’Carroll and other members of the executive committee of PaedophileInformation Exchange. I made this clear in answers I gave to the hon. Member for Lewisham, West (Mr. Price) on 6 April—[Vol. 2, c. 682–83.]—to which I refer my hon. Friend.

Furthermore, although the indictment in that case was amended before trial, this was because Treasury Counsel had doubts, following a preliminary hearing, as to whether the wording of the original charges might, as a matter of law, be open to objection. The amendment did not arise from any wish to protect the indentity of any person.

The material of a pornographic nature found in the possession of Sir Peter Hayman was not relied on by the prosecution at the trial. There was, so far as the Director of Public Prosecutions is aware, no evidence whatsoever of Sir Peter Hayman having received or sent by post any obscene photograph of a child or young person or of his having taken such photographs or of his having committed any other act which might have been an offence under section 1 of the Protection of Children Act 1978. The mere possession of obscene material whether relating to children or adults is not in itself a criminal offence.

The Director’s decision not to take proceedings under the Post Office Act against Sir Peter Hayman and others was taken in January 1979 before he received any papers relating to the activities of O’Carroll and other members of the executive committee of PIE.

Does UK justice still cover up for the establishment ? March 1981 – The Montreal Gazette




It was perhaps most notoriously summed up in the obituary posted after the death of Sir Peter Hayman in the Times of April 9, 1992: “…a distinguished diplomatic career… knighted in 1971… Deputy under secretary FCO… High Commissioner to Canada until 1974… retirement damagingly disrupted… police raided his flat… discovered he was a member of Paedophile Information Exchange… 45 volumes of diaries, entries relating to sexual experiences”

Will Great Britain’s paedophile scandal bring down Lord Carrington? December  13,  1983


Former PIE Chairperson and current pro-paedophile activist/pervert Tom O’Carroll (pic below) had this to say on his blog :


As for celebrities in PIE, there were none I know of, but there was certainly a very big fish who joined under an assumed name. This was Sir Peter Hayman, former High Commissioner to Canada. I had no idea about his membership until it was revealed byPrivate Eye in a story alleging an Establishment cover-up of his membership. Hayman was later “outed” in parliament by Geoffrey Dickens MP.

Hayman had also been deputy commandant of the British military government in West Berlin 1964-66, during the Cold War. Any member of a sexual minority in those days, gay or paedophile, would certainly have been regarded as a prime target for Soviet blackmail and hence a major security risk. Little wonder, then, that the government was less than keen for his name to come out.

The Sun 20th March, 1981

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