‘Judge Anthony Russell QC’

Here is Judge Anthony Russell QC. He is a judge who seems to think that the abuse of children is not a serious enough crime to warrant a custodial sentence. He fails to understand the long lasting impact these evil offences have on the young and vulnerable child survivors. The sentences are quite simply a insult to the victims involved.

Judge Anthony Russell QC you are hereby NAMED AND SHAMED !


Below are some examples and quotes of some of his more questionable judgements: Click offenders names for full profiles

June 2013: TV and radio broadcaster Stuart Hall was jailed by Judge Russell for just 15 months after he had pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting 13 girls between 1967 and 1985 – The victims were aged between 9 and 17 years old

December 2009: A PAEDOPHILE who had sex with a 14-year-old girl has walked free from court. Dean Seedle, 33, had sex with the youngster on numerous occasions. Judge Anthony Russell QC gave Seedle a suspended sentence

March 2006: In 2006, Judge Russell gave 23 year old Aaron Porter a community order for child abduction involving a young girl in Accrington and having indecent images of a child. In 2008, Porter broke the terms of this order and went back in front of judge Russell. But instead of jailing Porter, judge Russell issued a fresh three year community order

July 2008: RADIO DJ David Blaxhall, 49 who secretly filmed a 14-year-old schoolgirl from under a desk was caught out after pupils turned their mobile phone cameras on him. Police officers found a tape on the front seat of Blaxhall’s car, containing 41 minutes of camcorder footage from which several stills had been taken. His personal computers were seized, and a number of indecent images of children. Sentencing the defendant, Judge Anthony Russell QC said he had wanted to impose a suspended jail term

June 2012: A pervert with a growth disorder who asked girls as young as 13 to send him pictures of themselves has been spared jail because of difficulties caused by his size. Paul Williams, 24 befriended a 13-year-old girl, he lied about his age and groomed the young girl into sending him explicit sexual images. He also exchanged indecent pictures with a 14-year-old girl and a 15-year-old girl. Williams, pleaded guilty to inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and possession of indecent photographs of children. Judge Anthony Russell allowed Williams to walk free from court after handing him a three-year supervised community order

October 2007: A DISTRAUGHT young mother spoke of how her life had been “ruined” by the evil pervert who raped her baby son. 19 year old Christopher Wilson raped a 20 months old baby boy whilst babysitting him. Judge Anthony Russell QC jailed Wilson for life but with just a “4 year tariff”

April 2007: Pervert teachers walk free – TWO school teachers who started a secret affair in which they fantasised about sexually abusing pupils have walked free from court. 

Deputy headmaster Alastair Clark, 48, and reception teacher Alina Bibby, 56 were said to have engaged in a “secret intimate relationship” after meeting at a primary school. Both lived out sordid thoughts through text messages and photos scanned in from pornographic magazines and talked of molesting youngsters.

In one instance Bibby, a mother of two, sent a message to Clark describing an explicit sexual fantasy about young girls in her PE class. Primary school mistress Alina Bibby, photographed the 4 yr old girl on her mobile phone while babysitting her, then sent the images to colleague Alastair Clark, 48. Bibby admitted making an indecent photograph of a child, sending an indecent photograph and a grossly offensive message.

June 2006: A FORMER scoutmaster who abused boys in Barnoldswick and West Craven was jailed for just four years by Judge Russell. Kenneth Allan Fawcett, 61, who is a former Assistant County Commissioner for the Scout Fellowship, repeatedly abused the boys between the years of 1974 and 1990. Some of his victims were just 11 and 12. Fawcett, pleaded guilty to 26 counts of sexual abuse of young boys and three of indecency to children who were left in his care

May 2008: Lytham St Annes man escapes jail following relationship with schoolgirl. Alasdair Jaynes, who was 24 on the day he was sentenced at Preston Crown Court, admitted three charges of sexual activity with a child and two of inciting sexual activity with a child. Judge Anthony Russell QC allowed Jaynes to walk free from court with a community order

April 2013: A man who had sex with an underage girl in the Barrow area avoided a jail term. 41 year old Jason Todd from Longridge, near Preston, had pleaded guilty to a charge of sexual activity with a child while he’d been in his early thirties.  Judge Anthony Russell QC gave Todd a community order

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