The UK database

Our database has now profiled the offences of over 72,000 ‘convicted’ UK & Irish child abusers or perverts

Anybody can search their area/town or look for a certain offender by simply using the search bar.

We have written up thousands of cases which have never been in the media.

Every case we show, we have evidence which states that the conviction was made in a UK court of law. We do not act on hearsay!

Our database also tracks and investigates convicted offenders and runs updated locations or developments on each offender.

If you was abused or know someone that was, and you want the offender named publicly on the largest & most concise database that covers the UK and Ireland, then please get in touch, by filling out the ‘contact us’ form on the website.

Our website was created as a tool to give survivors of child sexual abuse a voice and a platform to name their abusers