Judge David Ticehurst – Lenient judge

Here is Judge David Ticehurst. He is a judge who seems to think that the abuse of children is not a serious enough crime to warrant a custodial sentence. He fails to understand the long lasting impact these evil offences have on the young and vulnerable child survivors. The sentences are quite simply a insult to the victims involved.

Judge David Ticehurst you are hereby NAMED AND SHAMED !

Judge David Ticehurst

Below are some examples and quotes of some of his more questionable judgements: Click offenders names for full profiles

September 2011 – Jordain Palmer, 19, was locked up for four years for failing to prevent the horrific injuries his girlfriend Melissa Phillips inflicted on a 14-month-old female child.

Phillips was also sentenced to JUST four years custodial by Judge Ticehurst after she left the toddler with fractures to her hands, left wrist and a shin bone, as well as bruises that covered her face, torso and legs. Every one of the child’s finger-nails was blackened, perhaps from being stamped on or shut in a door frame. Injury to the child’s ears could have been caused by being picked up by them.

March 2012 – David Reed, 56 was found guilty of four indecent assaults, four gross indecencies, four sexual assaults and four charges of inciting a youngster aged under-13 to engage in sexual activity. The child was aged between JUST five and eight years old.

Judge David Ticehurst, told him: “You behaved very badly towards her” then let Reed walk FREE from court by ordering him to complete 120 hours of unpaid work. HOWEVER weeks later, Reed groped a 14-year-old girl, telling her: “Don’t you dare tell anybody.” This time Judge Ticehurst jailed Reed for two years

December 2013 – 82-year-old paedophile manipulated and sexually abused young girls while claiming to be a devout Christian. Alexander Thomas, founder of a religious house fellowship, told his two victims the sick sexual acts were “God’s will” and that resisting would show a lack of appreciation to him. Thomas admitted six counts of indecent assault. Judge David Ticehurst jailed him for just 9 months

December 2013 – A man who groomed a 14 year old girl for sex has ‘escaped a prison sentence’ because a judge said it would be insufficient for him to have the treatment and ‘support he needs’. 

Tristan Tapner, 33 had sexually explicit online conversations with the schoolgirl. They exchanged indecent photos and he asked for pictures of her in her school uniform. They agreed to meet for sex in his car, but rumours got around and an anonymous caller tipped off the police, who met the girl. She told them she was meeting Tapner for sex the following day. Police were waiting and he was arrested.

December 2013 – A pervert who subjected a schoolgirl to a torrent of sexual abuse has walked FREE from court with a supervision order. Stephen Rice, 56, consistently abused the victim in an act of “sexual perversion.” Rice admitted three counts of indecent assault on a girl under 16. Rice first abused the victim during the mid-1990s. Rice gave her kisses and said he wanted to be her boyfriend and would inappropriately touch her for “20 to 30 minutes.” Another case which Judge Ticehurst felt did not warrant a custodial sentence

October 2006 – Geoffrey Micklefield aged 81, was given a community sentence after admitting a catalogue of abuse on a young boy. Micklefield, who was a friend of the victim’s family, had been abusing the child over a period of five years – between the ages of six and 10. Attorney General reviewed Judge David Ticehurst’s sentence and said it was “well within the proper ambit.” No further action was taken.

August 2012 – Ronald Rickards, 77 was convicted by a jury of four indecency charges when the victim was aged seven to 10 yrs old. He told Judge David Ticehurst who then allowed him to walk free from court with a three-year community order.

July 2011 – A 49 yr old CHURCH youth worker who sexually abused two boys at his home has been jailed for JUST two years. Gilleon Prentice would invite school children to his home for parties and molest them. Prentice admitted two indecent assaults and was found guilty of a further four. Judge David Ticehurst told him: “It is a tragedy for the victims who you abused and it is a tragedy for you, because you have built a good and responsible life. You do not represent a significant or serious risk in the future”

January 2009 – Paul Johnson, 33 admitted having sexual activity with a 14 year old child after he texted the youngster. Judge Ticehurst gave him a three-year community order

March 2005 – Timothy Bozman pleaded guilty to 15 offences relating to downloading 3000 images of child abuse images that involved children of a very young age. Judge David Ticehurst told Bozman he was sick and needed treatment and gave him a three-year community rehabilitation order

November 2009 – A Trowbridge pervert who was jailed 17 years ago for having a sexual relationship with a child has walked free from court with a community order after he was caught with vile indecent images of children. Julian Erskine, 49, downloaded the lewd pictures of children who had been abused. Judge David Ticehurst told Erskine: “I would have thought you would have learnt your lesson from that experience. You did not find prison a particularly enjoyable experience”, as he let him walk free from court!