International BoyLove Day – IBLD – 22nd June & 21 December

A Paedophile Celebration that should be banned and its members arrested!

International Boylove Day

International BoyLove Day (IBLD) is a day for paedophiles to celebrate their sick desire to be with young boys.

Similar to Alice Day for girl lovers, IBLD allows paedophiles to come together to talk about young boys and spread the word that paedophilia and adult/boy relationships should be made legal and that it is not wrong

The online community actively encourage each other to participate in celebrating their dark side and have been doing so since at least 1998. IBLD has progressed from being a date of celebration once a year, to a website which states they are ‘Continuously serving responsible boylove, since July 1998’

Aswell as linking to other ‘other BL resouces’ the website has a ‘Peer Support Exchange’ for ‘Finding real-life friendships’

This Is What The BoyLove (BL) Community Have To Say….

International Boylove Day, commonly referred to as IBLD, is celebrated by many boylovers in the online boylove community. IBLD falls on the summer and winter solstices but in recent years is also commonly observed on the following Saturdays.

The originally suggested way of observing IBLD was to leave a small blue candle in a window or a public place with a small note explaining why the candle was there. Sending anonymous notes to local newspapers was also a popularly suggested activity.

Aside from these activities, IBLD has always been a day to celebrate in personal ways. Many boylovers get together with their young friends or with other BLs for some special activity.

Others spend the day online with friends, or write poems or stories. Many take the time to light a blue candle in public or in private.

Others reflect on past BL friends and the boys who were once in their lives, or who are presently in their lives. There is no right or wrong way to observe IBLD.

In some places, boylovers use the day to meet up and celebrate together.

Hopefully, each succeeding observance of IBLD will find us closer to that day when the present ignorance, malice, and gross injustice now accorded to loved boys and boylovers will be replaced with understanding, compassion, and fairness, a day when love will be honored and approved between any two human beings.

And yes they do have a website to push their vile propaganda: IBLD

Hidden Symbols In Artwork can be found on social network sites disguised in “innocent” pictures to attract other paedophiles

Here is the artwork of ‘Scruffy Lad’ who operates within the BoyLove community producing many pictures to advertise and celebrate IBLD.


Boylovers (BL) use Blue for boys in their artwork. They also use the triangular image that can be seen on the bottom of candlestick holder, as well as blue candles.

The blue triangle is the one to look out for


Here is another image designed by ‘Scruffy Lad’ for the December celebrations entitled ‘Hohohoboys’. Again you can see how the ‘artist’ has incorporated the same BL triangles into the picture. Another BL would instantly recognise this persons sexual preference.


More pictures that have been used for the celebration of Boylovers on IBLD


Again, the Blue, and the BL triangles.


Again we see the triangle on the king and more blue candles. The picture represents Boylovers celebrating IBLD.

To see more online paedophile signs and symbols, click the link below

Other Known online Paedophile symbols