Parents jailed for allowing children to go on holiday with convicted paedophile

November 2013

Parents jailed for allowing children to go on holiday with convicted paedophile


Parents who allowed their children to go on holiday with a convicted paedophile have been jailed.

The child sex offender raped one of their children – a boy – while they were away.

The parents, from the Prestatyn area, admitted charges of child neglect arising from the holiday.

Police and social workers had warned them that the paedophile – currently serving a life-sentence for raping the couple’s son and other sex offences – should not accompany the family on holiday.

It emerged that he had also sexually abused two other children when he was allowed to visit their home.

Shockingly, Mold Crown Court heard that the mother had done nothing when one of the children told her what was happening.

Social services were monitoring the family at the time and the couple’s children have since been taken into care.

But defence barristers today said that the children should have been taken into care a lot sooner.

The offences occurred at a time when social services had told the family not to let the sex offender near their children – but he visited on a regular basis.

It was also claimed that support workers from social services had accompanied the family on an earlier holiday when it was claimed the paedophile had sexually abused one of the children.

But on the second holiday there was no supervision – and the rape took place.

The father received four years and the mother three and a half.

The couple, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted charges of child neglect and cruelty by wilfully exposing them to the dangers of the paedophile.

Prosecuting barrister Duncan Bould said that it had catastrophic results because they had been seriously sexually abused.

Judge Hughes said that both knew that the man was a convicted sex offender.

He had since received a life sentence after what occurred on the holiday.

“You knew full well that you had a responsibility to protect your children from his predatory attentions,” the judge said.

Yet they quite deliberately and repeatedly over a two year period “put them in harm’s way” by allowing him unsupervised access to the children.

“In particular you should not have allowed him to accompany you and the children on holiday,” the judge said.

“You let him come, you failed to look after your children, and he raped your son.”

Another of the children had been abused by him at least 30 times and she had also tried to stop it happening to her sister.

The younger sister had told her mother about it “yet still you did nothing to protect your children” the judge said.

Mr Bould said that the paedophile threatened to kill his victims if they said anything.

There was evidence that one victim had shouted “help me” while being abused but the mother did not respond.

Another victim had told her mother what he was doing and she said she would speak to him.

The children were take into care last year but David Williams, defending the father, said: “That should have happened years ago.”