September 2023

Consett man caught on camera beating puppy for five minutes

A County Durham man from who was filmed on a mobile phone viciously beating his seven-month-old puppy has been banned from keeping dogs for five years.

Christopher Smith, known as Chrissy Smith, 32, from Consett, County Durham – was filmed subjecting a seven-month-old puppy to a brutal five-minute beating.

Smith claimed he was drunk when he carried out the five-minute attack on the terrified young pocket bully-type dog, named Lazarus.

In the upsetting footage which was filmed by a member of the public, the puppy is seen trying to pull away and cowers down before Smith lifts his arms and heavily hits him on the back and shoulders with an unknown object.

As the dog continues to try to get away, a loud slapping noise – inflicted with some force – can be heard from where the incident is being filmed.

Following an investigation, Smith was visited at his home by RSPCA inspector Kirsty Keogh-Laws.

In her evidence to the court Inspector Keogh-Laws said Smith told her he had been drunk and lost his temper.

She continued: “The dog was friendly and boisterous around me but appeared to be hand shy of Christopher Smith. He confirmed he owned Lazarus and that he had not seen a vet since the incident or while in his care at all.”

Smith gave permission for the inspector to take Lazarus to be examined by a vet.

He was also advised to remove hazardous items from his kitchen and stairs, but declined to voluntarily sign the dog over into the care of the RSPCA.

The video was shown to a vet who examined Lazarus later that day. He said it was his opinion that the puppy had been caused to suffer as a result of the attack. Consequently, he was taken into police possession under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

The puppy was put on pain relief for three days, but thankfully appeared to have no long-term injuries.

In court, Smith admitted inflicting blunt force trauma on the dog and given a community sentence and five-year ban on owning dogs..

Lazarus is still in RSPCA care, he is doing well and will be rehomed by the charity.

Sentencing | 12-month community order with 20 days of rehabilitation; £80 fine.

Banned from keeping dogs for five years but can appeal after just two years.