September 2023

Morgan Payne sentenced to 12 months for indecent images of children

A paedophile has been jailed after he was caught coercing a  child into performing sexual acts on camera and for possessing child rape images

Morgan Payne, 24-years-old from Ansley Common in Nuneaton, has been sentenced to 12 months imprisonment for offences related to indecent images of children.

He is also required to pay a victim’s surcharge of £149 and will remain on a sex offenders register for a period of 10 years.

Payne was arrested at his home on 30 November 2021, following four separate referrals relating to accounts associated with Payne on a popular temporary photo sharing social media service.

Following a search of his bedroom, two mobile phones and a laptop were recovered.

Initial triage of the phone identified three category A images in a social media app.

A Category B video was also found of a call between Payne and a young boy on an online randomised video chat room service.

Payne had coerced the child into performing sexual acts on camera, which he then recorded.

Across the devices, a total of 107 Category A, 96 Category B, and 129 Category C images were discovered.

Payne, on being confronted with the count of images, said he wasn’t surprised images were found but he was surprised by the amount.

Payne also described falling in with an online circle of weird groups of people who look for and sell images of children, a circle which he described as difficult to get out of.

He was sentenced to 12 months in total for taking indecent images of a child, and for making indecent images of a child.