Bryn Estyn Sex Abuse Scandal: Officials Find Banned Report from 1994

November 2012

Bryn Estyn Sex Abuse Scandal: Officials Find Banned Report from 1994

A potentially explosive report into an alleged child sex ring at the Bryn Estyncare home has been uncovered by officials combing council archives.

Legal worries forced the now-defunct Clwyd Council to destroy its 1994 account of the alleged abuse of children in care at Bryn Estyn, written by John Jillings. The report named several individuals, but the content was deemed so dangerously defamatory by lawyers that it was kept out of the public domain.

However the document has now been found by Flintshire council – one of six councils into which Clywd was absorbed upon its dissolution in 1996.

A spokesman said: “We have now established that several copies of the report are in existence in local authority archives. The report and any supporting documents held in archive are being made available to North Wales Police and the National Crime Agency (the NCA).

“The Jillings report was disclosed to the subsequent Waterhouse Inquiry and we would expect the NCA to have access to it through recovery of the papers from the inquiry, held in archive by government departments.

“North Wales local authorities are taking collective and independent legal advice on whether the report can or should be disclosed under the Freedom of Information legislation, whether in full or in part.

“The National Crime Agency is being consulted, as any public disclosure cannot compromise or prejudice the new investigation.”

Council officials are now seeking legal advice to establish whether they can finally publish the report, almost 20 years after it was first compiled.

Bryn Estyn Children’s Home in Wrexham, Peter Howarth (pic below) – a former housemaster – sexually abused boys as young as 12.

‘Scum of the earth’ – Howarth was jailed in 1994 for 10 years. He died in prison. But for one of his victims, Andrew Teague, said the repercussions of Howarth’s attacks are relived almost every day. “They are the scum of the earth,” he said. “They can paint it any way they like – psychiatrists, psychologists – they can say what they like about them, they are scum.” 

Paul Bicker Wilson, 49, residential care officer at Bryn Estyn. He was given a suspended sentence of three years and two months in 1994 at Knutsford Crown Court for assault and bullying.

Stephen Norris, 63, (pic above) former residential care officer at the Bryn Estyn home. He was sentenced to a total of seven years jail in 1993 for sex offences against boys. Norris was released after serving half the sentence.

Never employed by social services. Convicted in 1980 of three counts of
indecency against one boy in care at Bryn Estyn. Jailed for 18 months.


Worked as a housemaster at Bryn Estyn between 1974 and
1977. In 1978 he became Officer in charge at Ty’r Felin. Physically
abused kids at both homes. Children were physically abused at Ty’r Felin local authority home in Gwynedd while Nefyn Dodd was officer-in-charge between 1978 and 1990. Gwynedd County Council promoted Dodd to a position of control over all the county’s community homes.

Frederick Rutter jailed (rape and indecent assault, Bryn Estyn).

Few children complained and staff were strongly discouraged from voicing concerns. The worst “cult of silence” was at Bryn Estyn, where there was suspicion and gossip for many years about Howarth’s “flat list”. He compiled a list of boys invited to his flat for the evening, who had to wear pyjamas with no underwear, and were then subjected to all manner of sexual assault. The principal, Matt Arnold, threatened staff with dismissal if they gave currency to the rumours.

In addition, prominent public figures were allegedly named during public sessions of the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal by the victims abused, but its judge, Sir Ronald Waterhouse, threatened the media with High Court proceedings if it published the mentioned names. This is suggested to have been a cover-up by Waterhouse, who was coincidently knighted by the British Queen like Savile.

Savile’s abuse case and the emerging paedophile ring inside Britain’s political and elite establishment is believed to be developing into a series of covered-up conspiracies.