The UK needs a Black Dolphin Prison for Paedos/murderers!

Should the UK have a special prison for dangerous paedophiles and child killers. We think so and we will use The Black Dolphin prison in Russia as a good example of how justice should be served!


According to some unofficial reports the Black Dolphin is the colony with the strictest regime in the world. Nobody has ever escaped from this prison.

The Black Dolphin prison is near the Kazakhstan border. The prison houses approximately 700 of the most serious criminals in Russia. It holds paedophiles, murderers, terrorists, cannibals, and so called “maniacs”. Prisoners at Black Dolphin are imprisoned for life. 

Prison guards place blindfolds on arriving prisoners so that they can not map out the prison or plan escapes. Prisoners are also blindfolded whenever they are transported between buildings.

Also unique to Black Dolphin is the form in which guards escort inmates; prisoners are kept bent over at the waist while a guard holds their handcuffed hands behind their back, higher than the inmate’s hips.

This “stress position” allows for maximum control over the inmate, while depriving the inmate a view of their surroundings (which is literally walking’ back and forth in a 10×10 cement square for an hour), they are patted down, blind folded and put in a stress position (see above). This eliminates any chance for the prisoner to learn the layout of the facility and keeps them completely vulnerable should they try to escape or attack a guard. For added effects, they got a mean as fuck dog barkin’ them down the entire time. This is the everyday life for an inmate in Black Dolphin prison. 

While there have been rumors of inmate abuse and misconduct at Black Dolphin Prison, there are no confirmed reports or complaints. 

Inmates are kept isolated and housed in a cell within a cell. For 90 minutes a day they are transported to a larger cell for exercise time. During this time, the cell is searched for contraband or illegal items that inmates are not permitted to have.

Prisoners at Black Dolphin are kept under 24 hour supervision; they are not permitted to rest or sit on their bunks from the time they are awoken until it is time to sleep again. Every 15 minutes a guard makes rounds to check on each cell to ensure inmates are complying with the rules. The prisoners are fed chicken four times a day





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