Pakistani Paedophile rings in the UK – WHY & HOW

This is not a racist blog ~ but a balanced look at the hidden truth of Pakistani paedophile rings within the UK. By refusing to acknowledge that this problem exists, and warning the public and parents to watch out for it, our children are being put at risk every day by this silence that is imposed upon us by the media. 

Almost 90 % of all rapes and child grooming in the UK that was committed by Pakistani’s, resulted in a white girl under 16 being abused. Should the police not be so concerned about being deemed racist? whilst vulnerable children are being groomed, abused and exploited!


How kids are being groomed

1. Targeting. A vulnerable girl is identified by a gang leader – she could be part of a loving family or in care. They are sometimes as young as 11. Usually chosen for their looks but sometimes because they are getting into trouble at school or at home.

2. Recruitment. Young boys are used by the gangs to recruit the girls, and they are often related to the gang members. They introduce the girl to one member of the gang.

3. Grooming. Girls are told they are “beautiful”, “gorgeous” and so on. They are showered with gifts such as clothes, perfume and cosmetics. Mobile phones are given – then used by the gang to control the girls and track them.

4. Isolation from family, or from social workers if in care. Girls are told to keep their relationship with the older man secret. They are taken to adult clubs and bars.

5. Introduction to drinking, smoking and taking drugs. Encouraged to start with cannabis and move on to harder drugs. Often the girls get hooked and gangs use their addiction to control them.

6. Rape by the initial gang member, who girls are made to feel is their boyfriend. But then he starts to pass the girl around. Before long she is being pimped out regularly and made to sleep with sometimes dozens of men. By now they are completely under the control of the gang.

7. Control. Parents often find themselves powerless to stop what is going on – and sometimes have no idea that it is going on.

8. Dumping. Once the gang leader is “bored” with the girl she can be trafficked hundreds of miles away from home to become a prostitute – and become “just another teenage runaway”.

Dispatches grooming gang reconstruct

What do we know about the grooming gangs?

The publication of a damning report into how the authorities handled child exploitation in Rotherham has prompted the leader of the local council to resign.

The independent inquiry by Professor Alexis Jay found that 1,400 youngsters suffered sexual exploitation including rape and trafficking in the South Yorkshire town over a 16-year period.

We know that the case which led to the conviction of five men in Rotherham is not the only one of its kind. Could the abuse that has already come to light be just the tip of the iceberg?

Here’s what we know (and what we don’t) about the child grooming gangs.

How many gangs?

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop) – the national anti-paedophile police command – divides networks of sex offenders into two groups.

So-called ”Type 1 offenders” target young people “on the basis of their vulnerability, rather than as a result of a specific preferential sexual interest in children”.

Ceop received intelligence from 31 out of 43 police forces on groups like this who were known or suspected to have abused vulnerable children in 2012.

FactCheck: what do we know about the grooming gangs?


There were 57 such groups, ranging from two to 25 suspects, on the radar of those 31 constabularies. We don’t know if any have now been convicted.

So-called “Type 2″ groups – where the offenders have a long-standing sexual interest in children, were much less common. Only seven known or suspected paedophile rings were reported to Ceop.

It is possible to track cases that have been through the courts via media reports, although this is pretty unscientific.

In 2011 the Times journalist Andrew Norfolk identified 17 cases that had led to convictions where there had been a similar pattern of grooming.

In all cases, the victims were vulnerable teenage girls, often in the care of social services. They were approached on the street by men, befriended and plied with alcohol or drugs, before being sexually abused.

Updating the list to include more recent convictions that fit the same pattern, we find that there have been at least 27 similar cases in the last decade.

By date of conviction, we have evidence of such exploitation taking place in Keighley (2005 and 2013), Blackpool (2006), Oldham (2007 and 2008), Blackburn (2007, 2008 and 2009), Sheffield (2008), Manchester (2008 and 2013) Skipton (2009), Rochdale (two cases in 2010, one in 2012 and another in 2013), Nelson (2010), Preston (2010) Rotherham (2010) Derby (2010), Telford (2012), Bradford (2012), Ipswich (2013), Birmingham (2013), Oxford (2013), Barking (2013) and Peterborough (2013).

This is based on a trawl of news sources so is almost certainly incomplete.

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Rochdale paedophile ring members jailed

Abduction and rape of young ‘kuffar’ (non-Muslim) children by Islamic Paedophile gangs is commonplace in areas near Muslim ghettoes in Britain. Many of these children simply disappear never to be seen again. Police investigations are met with a wall of silence from the Muslim community. However the gruesome fate of Charlene Downes sheds some light on this aspect of Islamic cultural enrichment.

At least 60 schoolgirls were groomed for sex by workers at seedy takeaways linked to the murder of a 14-year-old girl. Children as young as 11 were targeted by mainly Asian staff at fast food outlets in Blackpool. They were offered food, alcohol and cigarettes in return for sexual favours.

Charlene Downes: Allegedly Pimped, Raped, Murdered by a Islamic Paedophile Gang then minced into burgers and fed to non-Muslims

An unpublicised police report produced after 14-year-old Charlene Downes vanished in 2003 found the girls, most if not all white, had been victims of the ‘honey pot’ premises. There were claims last night that the report was suppressed for reasons of political correctness.

Why was this kept secret? Are the white working classes not allowed to know the truth lest they behave badly? Are the police scared of the truth and dismissive of the victims because of their race and class?

Shropshire Paedophile ring

The pair still run a kebab shop in Blackpool which was also linked to Paige, and she too was identified as a victim of sexual exploitation. Last year police reported that the takeaway was attracting young girls who were being supplied with alcohol and cocaine.

Click this for Rotherham child abuse scandal: 1,400 children exploited


Rotherham paedophile ring members


The revelations about the scale of grooming centred around the downmarket cafes comes amid growing concern at disturbing cases involving mainly Asian gangs exploiting young white girls for sex in the Midlands and North of England. The girls, often from vulnerable homes or in the care system, were befriended by men who showered them with gifts and affection before using them for sex.

Click this for: At least 1,400 children were subjected to “appalling” sexual exploitation in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013

Organised paedophilia as a ‘community activity’

Of course you find paedophiles and rapists in all communities, but these are nearly always loners operating in secret, because paedophiles are despised and hated by normal people.

In addition, paedophile attacks on ‘kuffar’ (non-Muslim) children are seen as a legitimate form of jihad, inflicting humiliation and demoralisation on the children and their parents.

The Islamic invasion of the West is one huge razzia (raid of rape and pillage) and Western children are war booty. Paedophila is widespread in Muslim communities, with Christian children being the main targets. The paedophiles operate in well-organised gangs and networks. They are protected and encouraged by their wider communities and enjoy immunity from prosecution so as not to damage ‘Community Cohesion’

There are many forms of jihad, not all of which involve bombs and bullets. Sexual jihad, using rape and other forms of sexual humiliation and sadism has been used as a weapon of war since the time of Mohammed. Humiliation of the non-Muslims is especially important to Muslims, and the Sufi sects are obsessed by it.

Manchester paedophile ring members

The secret networks of Muslim Paedophiles

A secret network of organised child sex traffickers and paedophile rings are being operated within British cities by muslim gangs ~ These men have been involved in the grooming and organised rapes of young white girls as young as 11 years old.

Approximately one in six of the sexually exploited children say they have been moved between cities and passed around between paedophiles and asscociated paedo rings. Its a “hidden” problem in which vulnerable youngsters, many of whom have run away from home, are shunted around the country to increase their isolation. “Many children are being abused through prostitution, it became apparent that some young people were being moved around the UK, or from town to town, by abusing adults who will use the children for the purpose of sexual exploitation,”

A 14-year-old was forced into prostitution and sexually abused by a series of men (pictured above) after going missing from her home in Greater Manchester. Nine muslim men were jailed in connection with the abuse.

“An apparently kind man will buy them food, will buy them drink and give then a mobile phone, and then a few months later they will be isolated and alone, sometimes in a different town and sleeping with that man and his friends.” No national records are kept on the number of children exploited in this way.

So why are such vile crimes taking place in so-called modern, civilised Britain by Muslim gangs?

One reason is the money that can be made. According to Scotland Yard, a gang can reap £300,000 a year from prostituting a young white girl. There is more money in selling a girl for sex than peddling drugs — especially if she is a virgin and free of sexual diseases.

And then there is a controversial, but relevant, cultural issue. Asian men of Pakistani heritage often believe white girls have low morals compared with Muslim girls. ‘They wear what they call “slags” clothing, showing much of their bodies and “deserve what they get”


Oxford paedophile ring members

The girls are held in contempt by the gang members, who do not even call them by their own names. They refer to each one by the same generic term, either to the girls themselves or to their Asian friends on their mobile phones — the Urdu term ‘gori’, which means simply ‘white-skinned female’.

To add a further twist to this ­brutal cultural divide, the gangs hide their own names from the girls. They call themselves by unidentifiable nicknames, a simple trick which makes the police’s job of tracing the culprits more difficult. And, of course, the girls have no idea who they really are.

In the cases that have come to court in the north of England, whether in Rochdale, Rotherham or in Derby, the modus operandi is invariably the same. A schoolgirl is out with her friends in the town centre, often on a ­Saturday afternoon or after class on her way home. She’s bored, so when a group of smiling men pull up in a flash car blaring rap music she takes notice. The men, smartly dressed, start their chat-up routine. They ask her to ‘chill’ with them. They say ‘come for a ride’ and tell her she’s pretty. They promise they will buy her a meal at any place she chooses.

Once in the car, they produce a plastic cup of vodka and give it to her in the back seat. They hand her a cigarette or a spliff of cannabis, too. The girl is befuddled, but charmed. The gang plays a waiting game, telling her to meet them tomorrow at the same place. She gives them her mobile phone number and they warn her she must not tell her parents about anything that has gone on.

The family and cultural norms of their community means they are expected to marry a first cousin or other relative back in a village of their family or wherever the family comes from. Therefore, until that marriage is arranged they look out for sex.

At the point in their lives when they are ready for this sort of activity, Muslims cannot go to Muslim girls because it would be a terrible breach of the honour of the community and their family to have sex with an Asian girl before marriage. The reason Muslim men targeted very young white girls was because older white girls knew that a relationship with an Muslim youth was unlikely to last as the community would seek an arranged marriage with someone from the Muslim sub- continent. Police and groups campaigning to protect women insisted that the grooming of youngsters is not segregated along race lines, though there is concern at the attitudes of some young Asian men towards white girls.

There is in excess of 5,000 child prostitutes in the UK

Barnados said it was currently working with 609 sexually exploited children and young people, 90 of whom appeared to have been trafficked within the UK. One of the victims of this trade, Imogen, ran away from her care home at the age of 12 with an older man she thought was her boyfriend.

She was groomed by a man who treated her well – giving her a mobile phone and the keys to a flat to use – before he began to abuse her. “He was much older, he was protective – I felt looked after, wanted, loved even. He gave me everything I wanted,” she said, but soon she was being driven to “parties” around Britain where she was told to have sex with his friends.

“I didn’t have any choice – I felt so guilty. Eventually, he’d take me all over the country: Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, London. He’d take me to hotels, some nights two or three. “I never saw any money change hands. Some men asked ‘How old is she?’ Some asked ‘Have you got any younger ?’ They were really sick.” The man was arrested and eventually Imogen went back to school and then on to university. “It’s really hard to talk about girls being trafficked in this country; no one wants to believe it,” she said.

Gangs involved in child and people trafficking make an estimated profit of £16 billion per year. Approximately 1.8million children are being abused through prostitution, child pornography and sex tourism – and 75 per cent of the UK’s child prostitutes are girls.

Muslim sex offenders could opt out of sex offender treatment programmes ‘because it’s against their faith’

Muslim sex offenders are asking to be let off a prison treatment programme on religious grounds.Rapists, paedophiles and other dangerous attackers are expected to discuss their crimes with other inmates as a condition of release. But Muslim prisoners complain that criminals should not have to talk about their offences – a “legitimate Islamic position”, according to Ahtsham Ali, the Prison Service’s Muslim adviser.

Link between child abuse images and Muslim terrorists discovered in police raids

A link between terrorism plots and hardcore child abuse images is becoming clear after a string of police raids in Britain and across the Continent. Images of child abuse have been found during Scotland Yard antiterrorism swoops and in big inquiries in Italy and Spain.

Secret coded messages are being embedded into child pornographic images, and paedophile websites are being exploited as a secure way of passing information between terrorists. It is not clear whether the terrorists were more interested in the material for personal gratification or were drawn to child abuse image networks as a secure means of sending messages. In one case fewer than a dozen images were found; in another, 40,000.