Plan to satellite track sex offenders in Scotland

Paedophiles and other dangerous sex beasts could be tracked by SATELLITE in a new move to keep tabs on monsters released from jail into communities.


Proposals would include: 

1 – Released offenders are fitted with leg bracelet that beams a constant signal to satellite in space.

2 – Using GPS technology like satnav systems, satellites pinpoint and log exact location of tagged fiends.

3 – Perverts straying over invisible borders around schools or homes trigger GPS alarm, alerting cops.

Perverts also face being put under 24-hour surveillance in the proposals put forward by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill.

Sex offenders released from jail will be the first to be monitored by the GPS system — which uses technology similar to car satnav kits.

Last night Mr MacAskill said: “While satellite tracking alone cannot provide a magic solution to the complex issues faced by those dealing with offenders, it does have the potential to improve how they are monitored and managed, for the benefit of the public.”

The system would alert cops if sex predators tried to meet other tagged offenders.

And an alarm would be sounded if they strayed too close to a school or playground, or the homes of victims and witnesses.

If they commit a crime the tag will pinpoint and record where they were at the time and where they then went.

The technology has been available since April. But an independent report into the case of violent paedophile Ryan Yates (pictured below) demanded the introduction of satellite tracking more than a year ago.


Crazed Yates was jailed in April 2011 for trying to kill an Aberdeen grandmother in a park as she protected kids he was trying to rape.

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His horrifying attack came days after being freed from jail. Mr MacAskill said the scheme — expected to be approved after a consultation — is a crucial tool in protecting kids and step other vulnerable people.

He added: “Our monitoring is already among the most stringent anywhere. I want to see if there is more we can do to reassure the public.

“There are a range of operational and ethical issues which need to be considered and we are seeking views on this.

“We are not proposing using this to allow offenders who would currently be in jail to be in the community.

“This is to improve monitoring of offenders who would be given community sentences or be out on licence.”

Margaret-Ann Cummings — whose eight-year-old son Mark (pictured below – right) was killed in 2004 by paedophile Stuart Leggate (pictured below – left) — last night welcomed the move.

Stuart Leggate

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Margaret-Ann, 39, of Glasgow, said: “This would mean peace of mind for me and the families, and it helps us with the grief.

“The more that sex offenders know they are being monitored, the better.”

Scottish Conservative justice spokeswoman Margaret Mitchell said: “This is something we have called on for some time.”

The tags could also be used on persistent offenders, people on bail and domestic abusers.

And they could help tackle booze-related crime by linking to bracelets that can detect what the wearer drinks.

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Another who would qualify for the tracking would be baby rapist Iain McKerrel (pictured above) was jailed in 2006 for 13 years. However he may be released in the coming months. The court heard that the child may have been as young as 11 months old when McKerrell first raped her. He also admitted systematic sexual abuse using lewd, indecent and libidinous practices towards another girl, aged 12, over four years.

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