Septemnber 2014

OAP pervert jailed for stalking woman

An elderly pervert who put a woman through a frightening ordeal in Wishaw town centre has been jailed for 160 days.

Convicted flasher James Gault also defied a ruling preventing him from being under the influence of alcohol anywhere in public.

He had his prison term reduced because he admitted the offences when his case came before Hamilton Sheriff Court last Wednesday.

The 67-year-old accused stared at the female complainer and followed her through Wishaw, leaving her scared, alarmed and concerned for her safety.

Details of the offences emerged when the case was called at court.

The court heard how Gault, of Glencleland Road, Wishaw, was admitting behaving in a threatening and abusive manner by following the female complainer and staring at her.

This resulted in the woman being placed her in a state of fear and alarm and concern for her safety, in Main Street, Wishaw on August 26.

And he pleaded guilty to a further charge that on the same date while subject to a Sexual Offences Prevention Order — imposed at the same court on November 23, 2010 — preventing him from being in public or any other place which members of the public have access to while under the influence of alcohol, he breached its terms.

Gault admitted a lengthy tally of previous convictions, including five for indecent exposure, one for public indecency and one for a breach of probation.

Another conviction for assault aggravated by the fact that he is a convicted sex offender and one for breach of the peace aggravated for the same reason are also on his record.

His 240-day jail term was reduced due to of his guilty pleas.