March 2022

Balloch man, 60, sentenced for sexually assaulting women

A Balloch man who sexually assaulted two women nearly 20 years ago has been sentenced – but he has avoided jail.

Peter Santi, of Levenview Court, admitted to sexually assaulting a woman at his home address on various occasions between January 1, and December 3, 2003, by handling her buttocks and breasts over her clothing.

Three years later, on October 7, 2006, he sexually assaulted a different woman at an address in Alexandria by putting his arms around her and refusing to let go.

Santi, who is now 60, also “ushered her into a bedroom and pulled her onto his lap”.

At Dumbarton Sheriff Court on March 1, Scott Adair, defending, said: “Given his age, lack of criminal convictions and lack of allegations you may consider a community payback order in this case.”

Sheriff Maxwell Hendry interrupted: “I don’t intend to send him to prison for these offences.

“It is looking at something that lies between those two extremes of the spectrum.

“I have been told by people in a better place than I am that probation can work even in the face of outright denial but I have my doubts about that.”

Addressing Santi, Sheriff Hendry said: “I convicted you of this matter on the basis of the evidence that was lead before me.

“I remain of the view that that was the correct inclusion for me to reach. You are entitled to an alternative view, but I deal with you on the basis of the conviction.”

The sheriff sentenced Santi to 150 hours of community service to be carried out within 12 months.

He was also be subject to a notification requirement order of the Sexual Offences Act.