February 2022

Yorkshire men jailed for multiple sexual offences against one child


SIX men were jailed for more than 70 years for multiple sexual offences against a child.

All the charges relate to crimes which took place in Keighley between 2008 and 2009 against one victim who was a child at the time.

She was an adult when she reported the abuse she had suffered and the West Yorkshire police launched an investigation.

In total, the men were jailed for 66 years, after a jury at Bradford crown court found them guilty after two separate trials last year.

There were 12-year sentences each for five offenders – Nazir Khan, 30, of Keighley; Kamran Hussain, 29, of Keighley; Omar

Safdar, 30, of Oldham; Imran Sabir, 42, of Keighley and Hassan Basharat, 32, of Keighley. A sixth person, Barber Hussain, 36, of Bradford, was jailed for 13 years.

Usman Sultan, 30, of Keighley was convicted of three counts of rape, and Amjad Hussain, 35 of Keighley, was convicted of three counts of rape.

They both will be sentenced at a later date.

The woman said, “The driving force for me to keep going through all of this was so it prevents it from happening to other people, and also it might help other people come forward.”