April 2022

Pervert caught downloading indecent images of children

A Carnoustie paedophile who told police he wanted to be caught after using software in an attempt to wipe his computer has been placed under supervision.

Gregor Mackay, 43, will be on the Sex Offenders Register for the next three years and must take part in a rehabilitation programme for sex offenders.

He was sentenced to the community-based order as a direct alternative to custody.

Fiscal depute Lora Apostolova told Dundee Sheriff Court at an earlier trial how Mackays home was raided on March 29 last year.

A search warrant was granted and a number of electronic devices were recovered.

Officers found images of children aged between one and 12 involved in sexual activity.

The user of the device had downloaded and viewed material.

The opinion of the examiner was that the user of the device has accessed the internet to download and view child sexual assault and abuse images.

This has been achieved using software that enabled online activity and which facilitates the downloading of indecent files, and shows the subsequent use of cleaning software in an attempt to cover up their activity.

The accused was arrested and made a full admission.

He stated that he had done this because he wanted to get caught by the police.

Mackay had appeared in court in October 2020 and was released on bail with a special condition barring him from having internet-enabled devices without telling the police.

The court heard when police turned up at his home last year they found he had secretly bought himself a new device.

Mackay, 43, of Craigmill Gardens, admitted downloading indecent images of children between January 8 2017 and June 22 2020.

He also admitted having an internet-enabled device without registering it with police on March 29, having been granted bail on October 13 2020.

Sheriff George Way warned Mackay if he did not comply with this sentencing order, he will be sent to prison.

The number of images and nature of images are at a modest level.

He will be required to undertake the Tay Project Making Changes programme.

This is a direct alternative to a custodial sentence.

You are a first offender.

Failure to comply with this order, without reasonable explanation, if the order is breached there is no second chance.

You will be subject to the full requirements of the sexual offender notification register for the duration of your supervision period.