April 2022

Sex predator carried vulnerable teen into house and raped her as she slept

A rapist carried a drunk girl into a house and sexually assaulted her.

Annuar Ameir attacked the 17-year-old back in 2018, they had only met earlier that day and had been out with separate groups of friends.

Ameir, from Toxteth tried to deny he had raped the woman as she slept on a sofa but a jury at Liverpool Crown Court found him guilty.

At the 30 year olds sentencing hearing today, the court heard the two groups of friends including Ameir and the victim merged at one point during the day. They all then went to a house in another part of Liverpool to continue partying.

By this stage, the victim was drunk and had already thrown up outside the house. Seeing her vulnerable state, Ameir, who was also drunk, carried her back into the living room as she slept, took off her clothes and raped her. She woke up as the attack took place but was unable to get him off her.

Gerald Baxter, prosecuting, read out statements from the victim in which she said the attack continued to have lasting effects on her. She said she had struggled with depression and had at times turned to alcohol abuse to deal with the trauma of what happened.

She added Ameirs denials meant she was forced to relive much of what happened throughout the trial. Referring to her statement, Mr Baxter said: It is all back in court again. I could not sleep and I am having flashbacks again.

Louise McCloskey, defending, said Ameirs actions were awful but appealed to Judge Gary Woodhall not to rule him a dangerous offender, something which would have opened the door to an extended sentence.

Referring to the fact that Ameir had no relevant previous convictions and to the opportunistic nature of the attack, Ms McCloskey said Ameir clearly required rehabilitation to address the attitudes that led to his offending.

She added that the expected lengthy jail term would provide a chance for this to happen, as well as providing punishment. Ms McCloskey said: He conducted himself abysmally on that night but prior to that, your honour, there is nothing indicating he was a risk in the past and would be a risk in the future.

Judge Gary Woodhall told Ameir he had exploited his victims vulnerabilities for his own satisfaction and traumatised her further by forcing her to go through a trial. He said: I am troubled by the circumstances of this offending, which involved predatory behaviour targeting a particularly vulnerable girl.

Judge Woodhall added that Ameir clearly had misogynistic and flawed views around sex. He said: You present as someone with a sense of male entitlement, with a misogynistic view of female characters.

While he said Ameirs actions meant he could be judged to meet the definition of a dangerous offender, he ruled that an extended sentence could not be justified. Ameir, of Arnold Crescent, was jailed for nine years and nine months.