August 2015

Judge tells pervert: ‘Your get out of jail card worked once, it has been used before, it cannot be used again’

A wheelchair-bound pervert who was caught with child sex abuse images for the third time was told by a judge his medical condition could no longer be used as a “get out of jail card.”

Graham Livermore, 65, had been given a suspended 12 month jail sentence last year after another judge had been told he suffered from multiple sclerosis.

Speaking at St Albans Crown Court today, Judge Martin Griffith told him: “Your get out of jail card worked once. It has been used before. It cannot be used again.”

He sentenced Livermore, of Rugby Way, Croxley Green, to two years in prison – 12 months for breaching the suspended sentence and a further 12 months for the current offences.

Livermore, who was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1990, pleaded guilty to making (downloading) indecent images of children, possessing indecent images, breaching a Sexual Offences Prevention Order and breaching the suspended sentence.

In 2010 Livermore had been giving a three year community order for downloading and possessing indecent images.

In July last year he received the 12 month sentence suspended for two years after being caught with 1,601 images.

Initially he claimed they’d had been downloaded by a man called Reg Brown, but he later admitted Reg Brown did not exist.

Prosecutor David Chrimes said police raided Livermore’s home in January. He was found to have 912 indecent pictures on an Acer computer and two USB sticks.

Of these, 61 images were at Category A, the most serious level, 77 were at Category B and 774 were at Category C.

Mr Chrimes said Livermore had breached the Sexual Offences Prevention Order when he installed a history-deleting software on his computer and by buying a new Acer computer that did not have Hertfordshire police’s monitoring software installed.

July 2014

Suspended sentence for man caught with indecent images of children for the second time

A man with multiple sclerosis has been caught with indecent images of children for the second time.

Graham Livermore, 64, of Rugby Way, Croxley Green, told the police the 1,601 images had been downloaded by a man called Reg Brown.

But St Albans crown court today (Tuesday) heard that Livermore now acknowledged Reg Brown does not exist.

Wheelchair-bound Livermore pleaded guilty to possessing indecent images of children and breaching a Sexual Offences Prevention Order. That order, which had banned him from downloading child sex abuse images, was passed on June 2, 2010.

Prosecutor Neil King said when officers analysed the images 11 were in Category A, the most serious, 11 were at B and 1,579 were at C, the least serious level.

Livermore claimed he was only interested in the images for artistic reasons. He had used search terms such as: “Little Girls”.

Andrew Campbell, defending, said the “penny has dropped” with Livermore. He said he had previously been deluding himself when he blamed Reg Brown. He described Livermore as an “isolated man”.

Judge John Plumstead told him: “You have played a part in the degradation of children. If people like you did not download these images, they would not be taken and uploaded.”

The judge said he would send him immediately to prison were it not for his illness. He passed a 12 month sentence suspended for two years with a Sexual Offences Prevention Order that means that any browsing history on his computer is recorded and accessible.

He must also register as a sex offender indefinitely.

June 2010

Graham Livermore downloaded 2,000 indecent images of children given community order

A 60-year-old man who downloaded 2,000 indecent images of children has been handed a three year community sentence, after police monitored his activity on an internet forum.

Graham Livermore’s house in Rugby Way, Croxley Green was raided by police on March 25 last year, seizing computer equipment and discs.

Information stored on one of the discs had been encrypted by Livermore, which the investigators were unable to decode.

Livermore, who has changed his name to Jim Taylor, was initially charged with 17 counts of making and possessing indecent images of children.

Many of the allegations were at the “higher level” of the abuse to children spectrum.

However, these were dropped when Livermore pleaded guilty to charges related to lower level images.

He was sentenced after a cryptic hearing at St Albans Crown Court, in which little of the details relating to the case were aired in public.

Livermore, who suffers from muscular sclerosis, hobbled into the dock with the assistance of a stick.

Due to his “poor health” he will not have to carry out unpaid work, or keep any appointments with probation as part of his three year community sentence.

Judge John Plumstead ordered that files that could not or had not been decrypted were kept, so that it could be investigated if he were to re-offend.

Divorced Livermore, who has grown up children, was made the subject of a sex offences prevention order, which prohibits unsupervised contact with any child under 18, including his own family.

He must also sign the sex offenders register for ten years, was banned from working with children, must allow police access to his computer and is banned from using software that allows files to be encrypted.

There was a suggestion in the report Livermore was in “denial” the court heard.

Judge Plumstead said: “He has maintained a story about having an interest other than a sexual interest, which is a sign of a manthat’s not faced up to it entirely.

“The fact he is shaking his head reinforces that fear.”

Passing sentence he said: “Ordinarily those that show an unhealthy interest in pictures of a sexual nature of underage children, if a custodial sentence is not necessary, are put on a course to curing them of the perverse interest.

“However, I am told that a combination of his extremely unfortunate health problems mean it is unlikely he can be assisted in such a way.”