Harris was also locked up of three years in 2011 for his role in the sick kidnapping and torture of a 22-year-old disabled man.

A Met Police statement from 2011 says the victim was punched and kicked and burnt with incense sticks, while the men demanded cash.

The statement says the group also threatened to burn the man’s genitalia and eyes and chop off his finger.

The rapper pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and blackmail.

June 2010

Six weeks in prison for child bottom groper


A 19-year-old Croydon man has been sentenced to six weeks in prison for groping a 13-year-old girl’s bottom.

Taylor Harris, of St James Road in Croydon, was also placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for seven years after he was convicted of sexually assaulting a female under the age of 14.

Bromley Magistrates’ Court heard how in January, Harris followed a schoolgirl on his bike along Raymond Road, Beckenham, before assaulting her.

The victim ran home and later gave a description of the suspect to police, who caught Harris the following day.

Unemployed Harris was found guilty following a trial last month (MAY) and sentenced on June 7.