August 2023

Sending indecent messages and pictures to young girls he believed were just 13 and 14 years old

A pervert who sent indecent pictures of himself to paedophile hunters has been jailed for 18 months.

Neil Peters, 64, believed he was talking to girls aged 13 and 14 after being exposed by decoys from groups called Dank Dragons and Improved Maximum Exposure.

He started up conversations on a dating site but turned the chat towards sex.

Shamed Peters told one girl called ‘Tia’ he would ‘marry her in a heartbeat’ and be ‘honoured’ to be her boyfriend despite being repeatedly told she was 13.

He sent her indecent photos but warned they should keep the sordid chat secret or they would both ‘get into trouble’.

Peters told the other girl called ‘Lucy’ she was ‘gorgeous’ and demanded topless photos.

He then arranged to meet but was confronted by vigilantes who streamed it on Facebook.

Peters, of Larkhall, appeared at Hamilton Sheriff Court and admitted communicating indecently with both girls in August last year.

He also pled guilty to attempting to meet one to engage in sexual activity.

Sheriff John Speir jailed first offender Peters and placed him on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.

Depute fiscal Chloe O’Hara said: “The accused messaged Lucy and asked if she lived near to Morrisons in Anniesland as he would visit her.

“Lucy told the accused she would be at Morrisons in her school uniform and he said he would meet her outside and asked if she could wear stockings instead of tights as he preferred them.

“The accused said he would come in a white Audi and she was to wait for him outside Morrisons.

“The witness along with other members of the group attended at Morrisons the following day and they pulled up to the accused’s car and contacted the police.

“Whilst awaiting police arrival, the group broadcast a live stream of the sting on Facebook.”

Sheriff Speir told Peters a custodial sentence was ‘inevitable’.