September 2015

PRIEST named as one of country’s worst sex monsters found DEAD in prison cell


Paedophile Bill Carney has escaped justice ahead of his trial after his sudden death yesterday morning at the Midlands jail.

Known to have had heart trouble, the 73-year-old was rushed to hospital after his cellmate alerted prison staff.

However, he was declared dead on arrival at the nearby Midlands Regional Hospital in Portlaoise.

The former cleric was regarded as one of the most prolific paedophiles and was named in the 2009 Murphy Report.

It also highlighted how church officials and gardai failed to act, allowing him to rape and abuse even more young victims.

The scandal saw Carney being extradited back to Ireland to face dozens of charges from the U.K., where he had been living freely for more than 10 years.

The Murphy report into the cover-up by the Catholic Church and Irish state of clerical sex abuse was published in November 2009.

It described Carney as “a serial sexual abuser of children, male and female”, saying that there had been complaints and suspicions “in respect of 32 named individuals” and that “there is evidence he abused many more children”.

One man who had been one of Carney’s altar servers told a BBC documentary: “I heard a groan and I saw in the bedroom, a boy, a little older than me, naked between the sheets.

Carney, 62, became a priest in 1974 and used his position to molest dozens of children.

He sexually attacked boys and girls from at least eight children’s homes, took children swimming and on holidays and used them as golf caddies.

Carney also abused the children during the 1970s and ’80s as part of a scout troop. He used his state of the art video player to lure children to his house to watch movies.

One garda did investigate complaints and got them into court. However, the press were kept away as Carney pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent assault and got probation.

Six families were paid compo and Carney was soon back at work.

For a while he ran a guesthouse in the famous Scottish town of St Andrew’s, but moved when his marriage collapsed.

In 2013 he was extradited back to Ireland to face 34 charges of indecent assault on eight males and two females.

In 1992, Carney was defrocked after church authorities convicted him under canon law of child sex abuse.

November 2012

Revealed: Paedophile priest Bill Carney enjoys holiday jaunt on cruise ship alongside young families

CARNEY was branded “one of the most serious serial abusers” in the archdiocese of Dublin by an Irish government report into child abuse.

A NOTORIOUS paedophile priest has been caught enjoying a luxury cruise among families with young children.

Vile Bill Carney was joined on his Mediterranean jaunt by the wife who disowned him after the Daily Record exposed his sickening crimes.

Carney terrorised children for years in his native Ireland. An official report said he was suspected of abusing up to 32 named victims, with evidence that there were many more.

He was allowed to remain a priest for years after being convicted of indecent assault. And after he was finally defrocked in 1992, the golf-mad pervert fled to Scotland, married wife Joan and opened a “family friendly” guest house in St Andrews.

Carney shut the B&B and fled again after we unmasked him in 2009, but he remains free and unsupervised despite his horrific history of abuse.

He is not on the sex offenders’ register in the UK.

And last month, he and Joan boarded the P&O cruise ship Ventura for a luxurious voyage to Barcelona, Monaco, Elba, Rome, Naples, Alicante and Gibraltar.

A witness who recognised him on the ship told us: “It was the paedophile priest I had seen in the Record. There was no doubt about it.

“But here he was without a care in the world – and we were surrounded by families and children.

“We kept an eye on him.”

Carney normally takes great care to avoid being photographed, but he posed grinning with Joan at his side before enjoying a black tie dinner with Ventura’s captain.

Our source said: “We struck up a conversation with him but he was evasive. He gave a different name for his wife.

“He seems to spend his life looking over his shoulder. I hope the Record can help bring him to justice.”

P&O describe the Ventura as “very family friendly”, with “fantastic children’s clubs and a play area for under-twos”.

Carney, 62, became a priest in 1974 and used his position to molest dozens of children.

He attacked boys and girls from at least eight children’s homes, took children swimming and on holidays and used them as golf caddies.

An Irish government report into child abuse by priests described Carney as “one of the most serious serial abusers” in the archdiocese of Dublin.

The report’s author, judge Yvonne Murphy, said: “Bill Carney is a serial abuser of children, male and female.

“The Commission is aware of complaints or suspicions of abuse against him in respect of 32 named individuals. There is evidence that he abused many more children.”

The report said there was evidence Carney “may have acted in concert” with other paedophile priests.

Carney’s only convictions came in 1983, for two counts of indecent assault. He got probation and the archdiocese paid compensation to six victims.

He was not kicked out of the priesthood until 1992 – when the archdiocese paid him £30,000 to go quietly.

The Murphy Report savaged the Catholic Church in Ireland for its handling of Carney. It found that Bishop James Kavanagh had a “soft spot” for the predator and did all he could to protect him and avoid scandal.

Judge Murphy said of the Church:“It was inept, self-serving and for the best part of 10 years displayed no obvious concern for the welfare of children.”

The Irish authorities knew about Carney’s St Andrews guest house but did nothing to warn their counterparts in Scotland – or his wife.

Joan, 71, knew nothing about Carney’s crimes until her sons from a previous marriage warned her after seeing the Record’s 2009 story.

She said later: “I nearly died. I said, ‘Get me out of here. I can’t stay here a minute longer.’”

Carney fled to the Canary Islands, where he spent a year before returning to the UK.

Joan cut all ties with him but they are now a couple again. They were last known to be living in a village in Gloucestershire.

Aug 2011

Paedophile ex-priest claims he ‘poses no threat to children’ despite living by playground

A former Roman Catholic priest exposed as a serial child sex abuser today claimed he posed no ‘threat or danger to children’ – despite living by a playground.

Bill Carney was defrocked in 1992 after he was exposed as a ‘serial sex abuser’ who had targeted at least 32 youngsters.

The Irishman – convicted of indecent assault – became one of the most notorious offenders in the church’s history. 

The ex-priest, who was ordained in 1974, left Ireland and settled in Northleach, near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, after being found living in Spain.

But in a letter sent to his local newspaper pleading for a second chance, he said he had lived next to the play area for seven years.

Neighbours expressed serious concerns after his back gate was found to lead straight onto the children’s play area 100 yards away.

But after he was outed  an abuser living in his ex-wife’s home, the priest hit back in the letter printed today.

‘Your article depicts me as a threat or a danger to children. Nothing could be further from the truth,’ he wrote.

‘For over 30 years now I have been a recovering alcoholic and the only mark against my name is three points on my driving licence for doing 38mph in a 40mph area.’

Mr Carney, who is believed to have made a mistake in his description of his speeding offence, added: ‘In these 30 years there has not been the slightest suggestion of anything that would indicate that I am a danger to any child.

‘I have lived in Northleach for about seven years and I have been in that playground once and again in my time and years in Northleach nothing has occurred to suggest that I was in any way, shape of form a danger to the welfare of any child.’

Mr Carney even likened himself to Andy Coulson who he said was given a ‘second chance’ by David Cameron after he resigned from the News of the World.

He added: ‘The Prime Minister said he gave Mr Andy Coulson a second chance and that everyone does deserve a second chance.

‘Over 30 years ago was a very low and sad time in my life, I was given a second chance.

‘A chance to stop drinking and begin again to live a good life and be a good person.

‘I grabbed that chance with both hands and I am today a good person doing my best to have a good life, one day at a time.

‘I know in my heart what kind of person I am today and I know that I do not pose any threat of danger to any child, 30 years surely must mean and say something.

‘I am a good honest Christian living as best I can one day at a time and your article and whatever others say, thank God, does not change that. All I ask for is a chance.’

The Murphy Report, which investigated paedophilia in the church in Ireland, revealed that Carney had pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent assault in 1983 against two altar boys when it was published two years ago.

As the crimes were committed abroad, he is not on the Sex Offenders’ Register in Britain.

‘He was one of the most serious serial abusers investigated by the Commission,’ the Murphy Report stated.

‘There is some evidence suggesting that, on separate occasions, he may have acted in concert with other convicted clerical child sexual abusers.’

The report quoted a letter written by the tribunal that defrocked Carney in 1992 to Archbishop Desmond Connell, the then Archbishop of Dublin.

The letter stated: ‘Like alcoholism there is no hope of cure for the paedophile unless he comes to terms with his complaint.

‘To this day the accused has refused – despite a civil court case and much other evidence – to admit that he suffers from this paraphilia.’

Carney has never been tried for any of the allegations made in the report.

In March last year the BBC’s Panorama found him living in Spain.

‘I have read the Murphy report six or seven times,’ he told the programme.

‘And I would dispute all of it except that I pleaded guilty to two charges in 1983 and the matter was dealt with by the court and I was sentenced.’