June 2020

Woman, 22, had ‘sexual contact’ three times with a boy, 14

A woman who had sexual contact with a 14-year-old boy she met online has been spared prison.

Sophie Johnson engaged in sexual activity with the schoolboy on three occasions within the space of a few days, a court heard.

Newcastle Crown Court heard she had ignored warnings about his age and failed to take steps to ensure he was over 16.

The court heard Johnson, 22, began communicating with the boy online and they swapped messages before meeting.

Gavin Doig, prosecuting, said: ‘The prosecution case is Miss Johnson did not reasonably believe he was 16 or over and took no steps to find out his age.

‘She ignored the warnings of others but when she found out his age, she desisted.’

The boy did not provide a victim impact statement and while he cooperated with the prosecution, he did not wish to provide any further information, the court heard.

Johnson, of Elswick, Newcastle, pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual activity with a child and was sentenced to a three year community order and must sign the sex offenders register for five years.