June 2008

City dad helps to nab net pervert

A FATHER who checked his daughter’s internet web-chat log was horrified to find she was being groomed by a paedophile.

Posing as a teenager, pervert Thomas Baker had struck up an apparently innocent communication with the Derby man’s 12-year-old daughter and her 15-year-old friend through the chat-site MSN.

But going through the chat logs on the family computer, the 44-year-old dad found that Baker had been asking the girls to take off their clothes.

A court heard how Baker had previously been cautioned by police after he had sex with a 14-year-old girl he had met through the internet.

Baker was given a three-year community order and a five-year sexual offences prevention order.

Following the sentence, the father said: “I think he will re-offend and get sent down.”