May 2021

Transgender paedophile once jailed for raping girl, four, attacked prison guard 

A transgender paedophile attacked a guard after her razors were removed because it ‘made gender dysphoria worse’, a court heard. 

Marcia Walker, 47, of Oxford reacted angrily when officers at HMP Frankland, a Category A men’s prison, objected to her possession of razor blades, Durham Crown Court was told. 

The defendant, who was previously known as Mark Walker, was first jailed for 13 years in 2003 for two rapes against girls under 16, one aged four, along with making and distributing indecent photographs of children.

Walker was jailed for another six months in 2012 after claiming a bomb had been sent to the then Home Secretary Theresa May’s house. 

The threats were made initially from a bail hostel and then, once returned to custody, from HMP Bullingdon and then from the high security category A men’s prisons Walker was transferred to.

Walker got an additional five year sentence in 2017 for threats made from HMP Long Lartin. This was in addition to a six year sentence imposed in 2013 for threats made from HMP Bullingdon and an additional four year sentence in 2015 for threats made from HMP Parkhurst.

Walker, who now identifies as Marcia, has been in a long-running dispute over access to gender realignment surgery despite being recognised as female by prison authorities

She said that not being able to shave made her gender dysphoria worse, and when officers went into her cell she spat at one and said ‘I have Covid’.

Walker also threatened another inmate along with prison custody manager Michael Roachford during the same incident. 

The confiscation of National Geographic magazines – sent to the jail by a charity – due to the pictures of naked children in them had angered Walker, the court heard. 

Walker had insisted in interview that she had no sexual interest in the pictures, adding: ‘They cannot take my razors from me.’ 

She appeared by video link to admit assault on a prison officer, breaching a sexual harm prevention order, threatening to kill Mr Roachford and fellow inmate Liam Edwards.

Judge Ray Singh expressed ‘real concerns’ over releasing Walker, but also said there were issues over continued detention in prison.

He said he was taking ‘a chance’ when giving Walker consecutive three-month sentences for all offences, totalling 15 months – suspending them for two years.

Walker will also undergo post-sentence supervision.

Walker has been on remand at Durham Prison, but will now leave within the next 24 hours, the court heard.

June 2013

Six-year term for paedophile who made series of bomb threats

A paedophile inmate who sent Bullingdon Prison into a “deep freeze” with a bomb threat was jailed for six years yesterday.

Mark Walker also sent threats to Home Secretary Theresa May after becoming frustrated with the probation service, Oxford Crown Court heard.

The 39-year-old wrote to her from his cell at the prison near Bicester and said: “Watch your back. You are a dead woman.”

The court also heard Thames Valley Police said Walker had cost them nearly £17,500.

When Walker was in jail for child sex crimes prison officers found a document entitled ‘Plan of Action’ in a cell search last June.

The court heard the plan involved going to Miss May’s Berkshire home and “causing problems”.

He had been jailed in 2003 for 10 years for child sex crimes including raping a girl under 16 and last February he was jailed for six months for distributing indecent images of children.

When Walker was released in August he made a telephone call claiming there was a bomb at his hostel in Windsor.

He was taken back to prison and from Bullingdon he rang Crimestoppers and told them there was a parcel bomb at Miss May’s home.

In April, he claimed there was a mail bomb at the prison and caused significant disruption as judicial visits and prisoner transfers were cancelled, the court heard.

Iain Wicks, prosecuting, said: “The ordinary running of the prison was utterly halted and put into a deep freeze by this single action.”

Recorder John Hardy, sentencing, said: “Your actions caused the diversion of scarce public resources.”

Walker admitted two charges of communicating false information with intent, using a public communication network to send a menacing message, and one of sending a letter conveying a threatening message