March 2021

Former Lossie serviceman assessed as ‘potential child killer’ after paying women to sit on babies

An ex-serviceman who paid women to crush babies has been assessed by experts as a potential child killer, a sheriff warned yesterday.

A forensic psychologist said Andrew Kerr posed a “high risk” to the public and his behaviour could lead to children being severely injured or killed.

The former RAF worker told Dundee Sheriff Court that was not happy about the way he had been assessed by forensic psychologist Dr Lorraine Johnstone.

His solicitor John Kilcoyne said: “He is entirely concerned about the views of Dr Johnstone. She indicated he is high risk. Mr Kerr would like to speak to her again.”

Sheriff Alistair Carmichael, however, pointed out he had two reports which both stated Kerr posed a potentially lethal danger to children.

He said: “The report states he constitutes a risk to others, either physical or psychological and there is a risk that babies or children could sustain injury – severe or fatal.

“It is the second report which indicates he poses a danger. I do have two reports which suggest your client may pose a danger.”

He deferred sentence for the latest report to be assessed by social workers at Argyll and Bute Council and said he would also be considering the possibility of imposing a lifelong restriction on Kerr.

Kerr, who served in the RAF for a decade, paid women to sit on babies until they screamed in agony for his sexual gratification.

He duped women into sending him cruel and bizarre videos by claiming he was a documentary filmmaker and a stuntman.

After meeting a stranger on Facebook, Kerr, 36, told former nursery assistant and mother-of-twins Gemma McFee of Barry, Wales that the more bizarre and cruel videos she sent him the more she would be paid.

The court was told that she then carried out his requests and sent him a total of seven videos.

Kerr had also tried to incite a second woman to carry out the same cruel and painful acts on young children and had child abuse images stored on various devices at RAF bases.

Fiscal depute Eilidh Robertson told the court that the videos showed a 16-month-old child “extremely distressed, crying out, and attempting to escape from underneath her”.

She said: “At the time he was employed by the RAF and was discharged in November 2019 as a result of this.

“This came to light as a result of intelligence received from Facebook.

“He incited her to sit on babies in return for payment. He encouraged her to carry out the assault, giving her detailed instructions.

Kerr, John Street, Dunoon, admitted that between November 27, 2012 and July 18, 2018 he had indecent images at RAF Lossiemouth, RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus and at his home.

He also admitted that on various occasions between April 7 and 22, 2017, he tried to incite a woman in Elgin to assault a child by sitting and standing on them.

He admitted inciting a second woman in Arbroath to assault two children aged just over a year old by sitting on their heads and bodies between June 17 and 21, 2018.

Mr Kilcoyne said: “He does realise that there’s a high likelihood of a custodial sentence being imposed.”

Kerr’s bail was continued.

July 2020

Pervert collected child sexual abuse images

A former RAF serviceman has admitted inciting an Angus woman to send him vile videos of her “crushing” two babies.

Evil Andrew Kerr posed as a stuntman over Facebook where he persuaded her to share the shocking clips with the promise that she would be paid.

In one message, he wrote: “Gives a new meaning to babysitting haha.”

The creep claimed he was working for a film company but in reality, he was stationed at RAF bases in Lossiemouth and Cyprus.

Military officers also uncovered a stash of child sexual abuse images after searching his room.

Kerr, 35, was snared after intelligence about his activity on Facebook was shared with the Ministry of Defence.

He is now facing a jail term after pleading guilty to the offences at Dundee Sheriff Court.

It was revealed Kerr was discharged from the RAF in November last year after the case came to light.

Over four days in June 2018, Kerr had made contact with a woman in Arbroath claiming he was working for a film company and asked her to carry out the sickening abuse on children.

Fiscal depute Eilidh Robertson said: “Information had come to light he had met the complainer through Facebook and posed as a film stuntman. He said this was to be used as a stunt for a film.

“The accused incited her to sit on two babies in return for payment. She sat on them and uploaded several videos. The accused gave her detailed instructions on how to do this and asked her to send the videos, adding that she would be paid commission for the clips.”

Kerr sent the woman a video of how he wanted the acts to be carried out. The woman uploaded seven videos which lasted between four and 40 seconds long.

The footage showed the children were initially “laughing and giggling” but became extremely distressed and tried to escape after the woman applied more of her weight.

During the conversations on Messenger, Kerr said: “If you do the scene a couple of times, we can give you advice.

“If you make it a couple of times you could make it into a montage which would make you more money. Get a good holiday from it haha.”

A medical examination found no actual harm was caused to the children but concluded they would have been in danger if they had continued any longer.

Kerr also attempted to incite another woman to carry out similar actions on a child in Elgin in 2017.

He again posed as a stuntman and said he would pay £65 for her to “squash” a child. An arrangement was made to meet at Elgin Railway Station but this never took place.

Kerr’s IP address was traced to his room in Cyprus following the intelligence. He told military officers after the discovery of indecent images: “I am guilty of the offences. I have done it since my mother died.”

Devices both at his room and at his home in Dunoon, Argyllshire, found a total of 102 images and 67 videos of children being abused. Some of these included adults crushing or sitting on children.

Kerr pleaded guilty to taking or permitting to be taken indecent images of children between November 27 2012 and July 18 2018 at RAF Lossiemouth, John Street in Dunoon and RA Akrotiri, Cyprus and elsewhere.

On various occasions between April 7-22 2017 in Elgin, Kerr incited another woman into assaulting a child by sitting and standing on them.

He also admitted a third charge of inciting a woman in Arbroath to assault two children by sitting and standing on their bodies between June 17-21 2018.

The court heard Kerr made “full admissions” to police who interviewed him.

Sentence was deferred until September by Sheriff Alastair Carmichael who placed him on the sex offender’s register. Kerr’s bail order was allowed to continue.