March 2020

Eastbourne paedophile Terry Stacey jailed for rapes on girls

A predatory paedophile has been jailed for the “systematic” sexual abuse of two young girls.

Terry Stacey, 32, admitted rapes and other sex crimes against two girls in Eastbourne.

The labourer admitted 11 counts at his retrial, and a further seven counts in February.

Police said the abuse took place between 2016 and 2018.

At Lewes Crown Court Stacey was jailed for sixteen years.

Detective Sergeant Andy Lawrence said: “Stacey got to know these two innocent and vulnerable young girls, building their trust over a period of time.

“He gradually gained their confidence and then used that for his own systematic sexual gratification.

“Only when a relative of one of the girls spotted some suspicious behaviour by Stacey around one of the girls did what had been happening come to light.

“They were very brave in supporting the prosecution and in giving evidence in court against Stacey, as he insisted on pleading guilty at his first trial.

“I hope this case, and the safeguarding action we and other specialist support services have been able to take, will help them to put these distressing experiences behind them, and move on with their lives.”

Stacey, formerly of Eastbourne, will be a registered sex offender for life.