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May 2008

Pervert jailed for two years

A pervert convicted of sexually assaulting a young girl lost his temper, swore at the jury and sacked his defence team after he was found guilty at Birmingham Crown Court.

But the outburst from pervert Simon Quinn, of Hawkesley, did nothing to prevent a judge jailing him for two years.

Quinn was already behind bars when he appeared in court on the child sex abuse charge – after being imprisoned just a month ago for stealing a pensioner’s life-savings.

The judge, Mrs Justice Macur, said Quinn’s behaviour in the dock would not affect his sentence, but she told him: “You are opportunistic and prey on the vulnerable people around you.”

The jury unanimously found Quinn, (35), guilty of sexually assaulting a child under the age of 13 between January 2006 and January 2007.

As the judge praised the seven men and five women for “taking a great deal of care and for putting their emotions aside” when reaching their verdict, Quinn began swearing at their decision.

He then requested an adjournment so he could speak with his defence barrister, Peter Arnold. When his wish was granted, Quinn stormed out of the dock, slamming a door behind him.

He returned to be sentenced 15 minutes later, flanked by two security guards, and revealed he had sacked his defence team – then demanded a retrial. He also asked Mrs Justice Macur to remove his dismissed defence team from the court but she refused the request.

Sentencing him to two years behind bars, which will run consecutively to his four-year sentence for theft, she said: “It’s clear to me that you caused the victim emotional upset and distress. Fortunately any physical injuries appear to have been minimal.

However, having taken the offence into account which you are currently serving a sentence for, you are opportunistic and prey on the vulnerable people around you. “This was disgraceful behaviour, aggravated by the extreme youth of the victim.

“The nature of the offence will lead you to require segregation by the prison service and, subject to good behaviour, I expect you to serve at least half of the two-year sentence.” She also banned Quinn from working with children, adding:

“You will be required to sign the sexual offenders register and, despite the shake of your head, that is the decision of the court.”

Speaking outside court, the mother of the child victim, who can not be named for legal reasons, said: “We’re just relieved that this has now come to an end and we can move forward with our lives.” She said she feared the assault could leave a lasting impact on her daughter.

Quinn was jailed for four years in April for stealing £21,000 from his elderly, housebound neighbour, 79, who was left £2,000 in debt by the theft.