2005 – Jeffery appealed his conviction. His appeal to the conviction was dismissed by the courts.

March 2004

Paedophile filmed his assaults on children

A depraved church volunteer that carried out a string of sexual attacks on two young boys he befriended through an adventure week has avoided prison and instead handed a community rehabilitation order

Colin Ian Jeffery appeared at Guildford Crown Court to face five charges of indecent assault from the 1980’s

The court was told that Jeffery of Caterham got to know the victims, then aged about 12 and 13 through St. Marys church in Bletchingly

The 61-year-old helped out during services and volunteered to run the summer camp

Jeffery often filmed the children using his cine camera at various church events

One victim – Now a senior police officer – said Jeffery assaulted him in a room in the church hall after telling him and another boy that he wanted to ‘expreiment’ with them

The victim said he was fondled and molested as he stood on a chair and his friend waited outside the room

He said: “That went on for about 2 minutes. Physically I froze. Mentally I was shocked. I just stood their wanting it to stop. I didnt really know what to do”

“Then he stopped and walked back to the camera, and I remember him saying, “Oh no, it didnt record”

The victim told the court that he was extremely wary of Jeffrey and made sure he was never alone with him again.

The victim did not tell anyone for over two decades, until he was working as a policeman on teh management of sex offenders in the community and he realised that Jeffrey had most probably abused other children.

The court also heard that the victim was also assaulted and filmed by Jeffrey at an adventure camp, on a walk in the South Downs and in Guildford cathedral. 

Perverted Jeffery sexually assaulted another boy in a house at St. Marys church aftre filming him with another boy. 

The assault continued for 30 minutes, finally ending when Jeffery realised he had a problem with his camera equipment

The offences took place between 1978 and 1983

He was sentenced to a community rehabilitation order for two years, with a condition not to work with children in the future.

He was ordered to sign the sex offenders register for five years.