June 2017: Paterson has been seen in the Dunfermline area on a number of occasions. He was seen using a local library to access the internet.

January 2012

Gary Paterson with shoe fetish sentenced in Fife

paedophile with a shoe fetish who repeatedly asked young boys if he could lick their trainers has been sentenced to a 30 month community payback order.

Gary Paterson, 36, admitted targeting seven boys, all aged between seven and 12, in Glenrothes, Fife.

He will go to therapy sessions while in designated accommodation and he was placed on the sex offenders’ register.

Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court heard he asked if he could clean their shoes, then licked them for his “gratification”.

Paterson, from Leven, pleaded guilty to seven charges of directing a sexual verbal communication to children under the age of sixteen, and breaching bail.

On 23 October 2011 he asked four boys on Balgonie Avenue, Inverary Avenue and at the Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, Viewield, Glenrothes, if he could lick their shoes clean.

After being arrested by police he was bailed by Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court, only to go on and breach the bail by committing three identical offences on Manse Road, Leslie, Glenrothes, on 6 November 2011.

Sheriff Grant McCulloch said: “I think it’s important that he gets the help and support needed.”

He told Paterson: “The offences you have pled guilty to, though unusual are very serious, and you broke your bail conditions.

“I’m going to place you on a community payback order for 30 months.

“You will have to attend offender management, there you will meet with your supervising officer and discuss with them and advise them of any changes in your circumstances.

“You must stay in accommodation that is deemed suitable by your supervising officer, and you will have to attend psychiatric services.

“The work with your supervising officer may take some time.”