June 2020

Policeman downloaded sick child sex abuse images

A depraved pervert who downloaded child rape videos while he was a serving police officer has been caught with thousands of sickening images.

Detectives raided the home of Derek Kennedy and discovered nearly 5,000 child sexual abuse and rape images and over 18 hours of graphic video footage of which much was defined as Category A – the most serious, and featuring scenes of child rape, bestiality and sadism

Kennedy, who was serving with Police Scotland when he started downloading illicit material in 2016, initially claimed he had downloaded images by accident.

He told officers “something in the back of my mind made me keep them” when they found a number of the depraved pictures on his mobile phone.

At first he denied having a sexual interest in the material, but was later found to have stored and backed up a large haul of images and videos over three years.

Kennedy, 34, from Dundee, admitted downloading child sexual abuse images and movies at his home in Butters Road between 10 August 2016 and 16 July last year.

Fiscal depute Eilidh Robertson told Dundee Sheriff Court:“He has no previous convictions. He is 34 and is currently unemployed.

“On 29 August 2019 the police carried out a search at the accused’s home and seized a mobile telephone. Indecent images of children were recovered during preliminary analysis.

“He was arrested and taken to police HQ in Dundee. He admitted he had downloaded indecent images of children, but had not done it intentionally and couldn’t understand why he kept them.

“He said ‘something in the back of my mind made me keep them.’ He admitted masturbating to the images but said he had no sexual interest in children.”

She said two laptops and the phone were seized and Kennedy was found to have moved the porn haul into various folders on the devices.

“There was evidence he had copied some from one laptop to another and had also copied some on the phone into a specific folder.

“Peer-to-peer file sharing software had been used to search and download indecent images of children. He had privacy tools on one laptop and was using the Tor browser to enable anonymity.”

Ms Robertson told the court that Kennedy was caught with 4,707 indecent images and 1,118 child sexual abuse and rape videos featuring children from infant age up to 15.

“The images featured both males and females, but mainly females. The videos had 18 hours, six minutes and 40 seconds total run time.”

She said the bulk of the material was defined as Category A – the most serious, and featuring scenes of child rape, bestiality and sadism.

Sheriff Lorna Drummond placed Kennedy on the Sex Offenders Register and granted him bail while sentence was deferred for background reports.