Febuary 2008

Man jailed for sex offences against girl, 7

A MAN who regularly sexually interfered with a young girl over a five-month period has been jailed for three years.

David Jones’ activities only came to light when the seven-year-old victim told a friend at school what had happened.

It was reported to an employee at the school, which led to the police and the girl’s family being informed, last April.

Durham Crown Court heard that the girl was questioned and told officers what the 51-year-old man had done.

Don MacFaul, prosecuting, told the court: “She said that it made her feel, really, really, really unhappy’.”

Jones was arrested and denied any sexual activity with the girl, but traces of his saliva was later forensically linked with her underwear.

Mr MacFaul said when this evidence was put to him, Jones made no comment.

Jones, of Avon Road, Stanley, admitted six counts of sexual assault at an earlier hearing.

His barrister, Paul Currer, told the court that Jones was “a man of limited intellectual ability”.

Mr Currer said: “He’s had a somewhat isolated history and has suffered depression and anxiety, which means he can’t work in his old job as a labourer.

“Apart from a part-time job in a chip shop, he’s looked after his mother, likes watching football and he tells me he’s previously had no urges in this direction, and no relationships.

“He’s found it difficult to bear the loss of his mother.

“It’s clear he has difficulties and clearly needs help.”

Jailing Jones, Judge Brian Forster told him: “You took advantage of that girl and the nature of the assaults are serious.

“It’s clear to you and the public that offending of that type can’t in any circumstances be tolerated.”

Judge Forster banned Jones from working with children and ordered him to comply with Sex Offenders’ Register restrictions, both for life.