Nov 2008

Paedophile ‘should hang’

The dad of a seven-year-old Tilehurst girl targeted by this paedophile said “he should hang for his crimes”.

Nigel Tummon hoarded 17,000 sick images of children including the Reading girl who he also sexually abused.

He was jailed indefinitely at Reading Crown Court on Friday for the protection of the public.

This means the 51-year-old – who sexually abused the youngster over a five-month period – will not be freed until psychological experts believe he is no longer a danger to children.

After the hearing the girl’s dad said: “She’s a lovely little girl and is coping.

“But I would like to bring back hanging. He will always be dangerous.

“I’m glad he’s been put away.

“He was a friend and we were shocked.”

The little girl’s mum added: “At the end of the day he is locked away living the life of luxury.

“Eighteen years I have known that man and I never knew what he was like.

“This was happening in our house and I didn’t know anything about it.

“I failed to keep her safe, but as her mum I am now doing everything to get her back on track.”

Sergeant Stewart Codling, who led the investigation, said: “We have got a dangerous man out of the community.”

Tummon admitted three counts of assaulting a child by penetration, 16 of making indecent images of a child, two of having indecent images of a child and five of taking indecent images of a child, all from June to November 2007.

He was found out after the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told her mum: “Nigel touches me”.

Police investigated and during interviews Tummon – who attended nudist camps in a bid to satisfy his sexual deviancy – admitted everything.

The court heard he had been a friend of the abused girl’s mother for 18 years.

Nadia Chbat, prosecuting, said: “He had said in police interviews he’d had sexual feelings for the girl for six months.

“He abused the trust of a family he had known for 18 years. He became a great benefactor.

“He would bring the family money, chocolates, sweets and cigarettes.”

The family trusted him enough to leave him alone with the girl.

It was during these times he performed sex acts on her.

Miss Chbat said Tummon claimed the girl appeared to enjoy the abuse.

She said – in relation to one case of abuse – Tummon claimed: “She responded to it. She wanted the attention.”

Later she said he remarked during interviews: “She appeared to enjoy it.”

Tummon, of The Haywards, Thatcham, also took pictures of the youngster.

These snaps were classed as level one images, the lowest ranking in terms of severity.

Out of 17,000 sexual images of children he had on his computer 80 per cent of these were level one.

But hundreds were at levels four or five – the most graphic.

Miss Chbat added: “He had started to collect these images in the 90s and over the years they accumulated.”

Naomi Perry, defending, said: “His guilty plea is an indication of the remorse he has shown at all times.”

She said during police interviews Tummon got upset and asked for a tissue and was relieved when it all came out because he “won’t be able to hurt her any more”.

Miss Perry, explaining Tummon’s visits to naturist camps, added: “He recognised he abused the trust of the family.”

Judge Gordon Risius, sentencing Tummon indefinitely with a minimum jail term of four years and eight months in prison and the same amount on parole, said: “You gained their confidence to the extent you were allowed to be alone with the child.

“You knew it was wrong to sexually gratify yourself as you did.

“[The child] is having psychological problems which are likely to be long-lasting and possibly permanent.”