July 2020

Angus man took indecent pictures with two kids in the room

A pervert took indecent images of himself while two children were in his living room.

Police carried out a raid at an address in Montrose and discovered the photos on 38-year-old James Alexander’s mobile phone.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard that in the two images found, both children were clearly visible in the background.

The pervert told police: “I go on some pretty bad porn sites.”

Alexander, a first offender, was placed on the sex offenders register ahead of being sentenced next month.

A warrant was granted to search Alexander’s home after police received information that the IP address had been used to access indecent images.

“Police advised the accused that they would be seizing all devices,” said fiscal depute Vicki Bell.

“The accused pointed out a mobile phone and gave the officers the pin.

“He stated: ‘I go on some pretty bad porn sites. I sent a picture to my friends.’

“During police interview, the accused made no comment.”

An examination of the mobile phone discovered two images that contained two children.

In each image, Alexander’s genitals could be seen while he was sitting on a sofa.

Alexander’s now former partner said he was “extremely careful” and “secretive” with his mobile phone.

He later claimed he did not realise the children were in the images.

Alexander, of Brechin, pleaded guilty to intentionally engaging in a sex act in the presence of two children and taking a photograph at an address in Montrose on June 24 last year.

Defence solicitor Nick Whelan opted to reserve mitigation until the preparation of social work reports.

Sheriff Tom Hughes placed Alexander on the sex offenders register before allowing his bail order to continue.