July 2020

Doncaster pervert tried to bribe 12-year-old girl after sexual assault

A South Yorkshire pervert who sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl used to text her while he walked his dog past her house, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Terry Beardmore kissed and cuddled the girl, put her hands on her bottom and pulled up her jumper to expose her bra, in October, 2018, prosecutor Matthew Bean told the court on Friday.

“She had to put her hands on her jumper to stop him,” he said, and told him “no” when he “asked if he could have a look.”

He continued kissing her and said she would be in trouble if she told anyone. He offered her £5 and told her to keep it in her bra, the court heard. But the girl, who was left upset and crying, reported him and Beardmore was arrested the next day.

In police interview, he denied any of the acts were sexual, and apologised, but accepted they were “a bit inappropriate.”

The court heard his victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was left upset and her school work suffered as a result.

Judge Roger Thomas QC told Beardmore he “developed something of a relationship with the girl” in the weeks leading up to the assault.

“You texted her as you walked past her house, walking your dog,” he said. “She liked your dog. Twelve-year-old girls like animals.

“Fortunately, she knew full well this was wrong and she told someone. You advised her to keep quiet and tried to give her money, to bribe her effectively.”

Beardmore, 59, of Abercorn Road, Doncaster, pleaded guilty to the sexual assault of a child, on the day of his trial on March 16.

He recieved ten months in prison, and received a ten-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order.