July 2020

Brute who locked schoolgirl in dog cage now works as a playpark supervisor with East Dunbartonshire Council

A violent bully towards women and kids who once locked a schoolgirl in a dog cage is working as a playpark supervisor

Peter Mathieson, 39, also has access to schools to arrange cleaning and maintenance.

Critics have demanded the thug be axed from his role with East Dunbartonshire Council, which he holds despite a criminal history sheet of three child assaults and one domestic abuse conviction.

Vile Mathieson, of Auchinloch, Lanarkshire, oversees the upkeep of playgrounds as a boss in the council’s Street Sense unit.

Court papers reveal he got a one-year non-harassment order and £135 fine last June after admitting behaving aggressively towards a woman at Airdrie Sheriff Court.

In February he was convicted of assaulting three kids aged between one and 13 from 2011-2018, including pulling a girl’s hair, pinning her down and shoving her into a dog cage.

He also yanked a youngster out of bed by the legs and attacked a toddler but walked free with just a community payback order.