June 2020

Sexual predator’s lies exposed on CCTV after he groped girls in McColl’s store

A ‘sexual predator’ has been jailed for 12 months after touching two teenage girls in a McColl’s store.

Tomasz Matusiak, of Lysander Drive, Padgate, targeted two girls while they were shopping in the Runcorn store.

Amber-Jade Wong, prosecuting, told Chester Crown Court today how Matusiak waited each time for the girls to make a call on their phone before touching them from behind.

Matusiak’s younger victim was wearing her school uniform at the time of her ordeal, and despite his initial claims of not recalling the incident, Matusiak was forced to admit his guilt to both sexual assaults when police confronted him with store CCTV footage.

In a brazen attempt to excuse his outrageous behaviour, Matusiak claimed he thought his first victim was a work colleague and his actions were “not meant to be serious” – despite the victim and the colleague he was supposedly referring to having different coloured hair.

Sick Matusiak even struck while one of the girls was pushing a pram carrying a young relative.

Describing the incident involving the older girl, who was consoled by shop staff after the incident, Miss Wong said: “The complainant made her way around the aisle and when she couldn’t find the crisps she was looking for, she called (a relative) and she described something touching her bottom.

“She looked over her shoulder to see the male she had just passed immediately behind her.”

The victim was left shaken and was “shaking” as she approached the till to pay.

Her relative managed to catch sight of Matusiak in the background when the girl switched to a Facetime call, and Matusiak touched her again while she was on the call.

Her relative made their way to the store and saw the defendant climb over a fence onto a grass verge.

Matusiak then came across the victim’s grandfather who confronted him and said “you’ve just touched my granddaughter’s a***”.

The second victim was wearing school uniform when she “felt someone touch her” while she was looking at crisps and chocolate, and a “male was standing uncomfortably close”.

Matusiak stood behind her in the queue, and after the incident she chillingly saw him again outside her home at which point she asked, if she could help him with anything and he said he was okay and left.

Police officers from Cheshire Constabulary attended at 7.26pm and arrested Matusiak, who matched descriptions of a perpetrator with a bandaged hand.

In interview, he said: “I’m really sorry, I thought it was my colleague.

“It wasn’t meant to be serious.”

Matusiak claimed he could recall an incident with one female “he had mistaken for a tall blonde colleague he had banter with”.

The pervert said he had been drinking alcohol and was “very sorry”.

CCTV footage of the incidents collapsed his attempts to defend his actions and he pleaded guilty in magistrates’ court in June last year, then failed to turn up at Chester Crown Court for sentence on August 8 last year, and remained “at large” for eight months until police tracked him down six weeks ago.

He has remained in custody since.

The court heard summaries of the victim personal statements revealing they had suffered anxiety and one girl had suffered panic attacks due to the incident.

Matusiak had told her he failed to attend court on August 8 because someone had retracted the offer of a lift and the police refused to take him.

She said: “He went to the police station and asked if they could transport him and they said no.”

Judge Patrick Thompson sentenced Matusiak to 12 months in prison immediate custody and placed him on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.

The sentence comprises 10 months for the sexual assaults and two months consecutive for the failure to attend court.

He imposed restraining orders prohibiting him from contacting his victims directly or indirectly and slapped an order on him banning Matusiak from entering the McColl’s store.

Sending Matusiak Down, Judge Thompson said: “It seems you had taken a significant amount of alcohol and what you did was target two young girls who were in that store.

“One of those girls was 15 years of age.

“The other was 16 years of age.

“One was in school uniform.

“You approached one of the girls when she was looking at crisps and she felt you touching her bottom.

“And if that wasn’t bad enough, you then approached a second young girl, 16 years of age.

“She had a push chair with a child in.

“You waited until she was on a telephone.

“You touched her bottom.

“You thought you had got away with it and you waited till she was on a telephone again and again you touched her bottom.”

Judge Thompson added: “It seems to me, and I’ve read the pre-sentence report, it gives me cause for concern.

“You are certainly a sexual predator.

“You targeted two young girls and they were vulnerable.”