September 2011

Man is jailed over child abuse ‘torture’ images 

A man has been jailed for having pornography deemed by a judge to show youngsters being tortured. Robert Irvine, of The Campsite, Crowden, near Glossop, was jailed for 16 months.

Sentencing the 60-year-old, Judge John Wait said: “Those images portray children being tortured. That torture is carried out for the pleasure of perverted people like you. These acts are being carried out upon children tortured for money.

It is a vile trade and people like you are sucked in.” Irvine admitted 17 charges, including distributing indecent photographs, downloading indecent pictures and three counts of possession of extreme pornography. Miss Vee Monro, prosecuting, said Irvine was interviewed by police on March 16.

He quickly admitted having images of children and passing some on, though he refused to identify who received them. One image featured a child thought to be between six and 18 months and another showed a child of between three and five years.

Irvine had a total of 1,984 images including 24 classed as ‘extreme pornography’. He is expected to serve eight months before being released on licence. He had already served 116 days in custody prior to being sentenced on Monday at Derby crown court.

Miss Sonal Ahya, mitigating, said: “This has had a massive impact upon him. There is definitely a recognition by him that this is not a victimless crime. He shows some awareness to that extent.”